Urban women today have a lot on our plates. We have school, careers, families, and financial responsibilities all demanding our attention. At the same time we are trying to stay healthy and maintain some sort of social life. This typically requires getting up early and staying out late. For the city gal on the go, comfort is always the priority, but NEVER at the expense of style. So what are our best options for practical, yet fashionable active wear that can take us from work, to the gym to the grocery store? Thanks to the creative minds of Sigrid Goerndt and Danielle Pruitt, we now have Yoga City; a new Austin-based business. The idea for Yoga City first came to Danielle while she was on sabbatical in Florida. She had taken some time off for a little self-reflection and relaxation which included practicing yoga every day. A lover of Bikrahm, Danielle quickly found that most of her workout gear just couldn't stand the heat. Once you get a good sweat going, shorts began to ride, bra straps began to slip and jagged, unfinished seams began to chafe in unfriendly places. Then there are the usual nuances; fabrics fade after washing and cheap materials quickly fall apart. Danielle had envisioned a line of active wear that would be just as unique as the women wearing it. She wanted something made for movement while conforming to the curves of the female body. Whether you're looking for the Austin Flare or the Seattle Popover, Yoga City has what's fit for you.

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