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Showaflops started as a solution to a hairy problem. During the Showaflops founders first visit to their daughter’s dorm, they made a stop at the bathroom/showers. They noticed the floor of the shower and recoiled in horror. There were hairballs, dirt, and mold all over. They forbade their daughter to enter the shower without protection for her feet. She protested because flip flops are uncomfortable, slippery, and most importantly, lacked a coolness factor. They then listened to stories from her dorm mates, about how many times people threw up… or did even worse things in the showers. At that moment, the idea for Showaflops was born! They researched foot problems relating to fungus and bacteria, and how to prevent them. They tried hundreds of flip flops to see what feels and fits the best. They tried dozens of different soles to see what provides the best resistance to slipping on wet or slick surfaces.Then they added holes to improve drainage and faster drying (not to mention the great way they feel under your feet). The final challenge was to make them totally unique looking. With over 40 years of combined experience in garment design and manufacturing, they have come up with a flip flop that not only their daughters love, but anyone and everyone who tries them on, HAS TO HAVE a pair or two. They love the feel, look, and comfort of a Showaflop, not to mention that now you can stay fungus free as well...
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