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Corso Live Happy Notebook with Daily Inspirational Quote, Journal and Gratitude Practice

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We all need a convenient place to record critical meeting details, the perfect lunch order (even if it’s only 9 a.m.), superhero sketches, scribbled grocery lists and weekend plans. Yet we at Corso and Live Happy also want to remind you— through inspiring quotes, tips, research and thoughtful activities—that your hopes, life goals and best selves are in those same daily notebook details that you hold in your hands right now.
  • To us, it’s being a Happy Activist—a thoughtful, active participant in your own life and community who makes the world a better place through kind words and intentional actions.
  • As you use this notebook, take a few minutes to read the daily quote, stat or activity and apply it to your life.
  • At the end of each day, sketch out what you’re grateful for at the bottom of each page. You’ll find that this regular happiness practice will bring you joy, confidence and success! Happy writing!