Safety Face Shield Medical Full Face Protector for Eyes and Face

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<p>Vandue is proud to offer face shields during this difficult time. Our face shields are FDA certified. To use each shield simply remove the mask from the packaging bag, remove the protective film layers and affix to your head. The sponge foam liner will press against your forehead for a snug comfortable fit.</p> <p>Specifications:<br> Size: 13" x 8.8" tall<br> Material: PET + Sponge Foam liner with elastic head band<br> Usage Range: Suitable for use in working environments that require face protection.</p> <p>Notes:<br> 1. After removing the protective film from the protective mask, it is recommended that you do not touch the protective sheet as much as possible during handling so as to avoid smearing the film.<br> 2. The protective mask is intended to be used in conjunction with face masks for optimum protection.<br> 3. This protective mask is a disposable product. Do not reuse it.<br> 4. Do not clean the mask or use any detergents, soaps or chemicals to clean the protective mask. The anti-fog properties will be affected.<br> 5. The protective mask is recommended to be used only for one day. After medical use, the mask should be discarded as a medical pollutant.<br> 6. This protective mask is not recommended for multiple people.Only one person should wear it and not share.</p> <p>We ship from within the USA. Order today and receive them quickly</p>


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