Thermacell Heat Pack Rechargeable Hand and Pocket Reusable Warmers, 1 Large Unit

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ThermaCELL Heat Packs are thin, lightweight lithium-ion polymer battery-operated warmers that are rechargeable, durable and will last over 500 charges Simply charge the ThemaCELL Heat Pack via micro USB between uses to keep it ready for the next time you need to take control of the cold Shock resistant, water resistant, and easy to move from jackets or pants with 3 temperature settings reaching up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit Lasts up to 6-hours of constant heat per charge and can recharge in approximately 4 hours Includes: 1 large pocket warmer, 1 micro USB wall charger, 1 USB cord ThermaCELL Heat Packs are designed to keep you going while you are outside in the cold. Being shock resistant, water resistant and rechargeable for hundreds of uses are only a few of the benefits ThermaCELL heat packs have to offer. With this ThermaCELL Heat Packs, going out in the cold doesn’t have to be a hassle. Lasts up to 500 charges Thin and lightweight Rechargeable Water resistant Easy to use Provides Convenient Warmth Now you can choose how warm you want your Hand Warmer and Pocket Warmer. ThermaCELL Heat Packs can be switched between no heat, low heat (106F) medium heat (110F) and high heat (116F). These rechargeable heat packs last up to 6 hours per charge. Easy to Use The ThermaCELL Heat pack is easy to use. You can chose the temperature or turn the pack off with only a touch of a button. Just throw them in your pockets, gloves, hat or hand muff and you are ready to head outside.


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