Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer

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Just a touch not a swipe Clinically proven accurate The measurement site in the hollow behind the ear is very close to the carotid artery Simply place behind the ear Has a large easy to read LCD display Fast, Accurate, & Gentle The Vicks V980 Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer is easy, fast and precise. Clinically proven accurate, this non-invasive thermometer measures the temperature in the hollow behind the ear. This area is the ideal location for an external temperature because it is close to the carotid artery, which carries blood to the brain. This site is naturally protected from external factors like room temperature and perspiration which can contribute to inaccurate readings when using a traditional forehead thermometer. The V980 takes a temperature reading in just one second and features a large LED display and Fever InSight™ technology, which helps to indicate the severity of your child's temperature. Also, it is so gentle that 95% of babies slept through temperature readings during a daycare study. Product Features Easy to use Place behind ear, press the start button and release after the 1 second beep. Clinical Accuracy Based upon professional standards. Fever InSight® The color-coded screen displays green if no fever, yellow when the temperature is slightly elevated and red to signal fever. Safe for all members of the family. The Vicks V980 Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer offers the following great features as well: Memory system — Tracks and saves the last 8 measurements. Easy-to-read — Designed with a large LCD display. Convenient - Reads in °C and °F. Built to last - Backed by a lifetime warranty under normal use. 1 Touch, 1 Second, 1 Confident Mom Step 1: Press the "POWER" button and wait for "OK." Step 2: Place the thermometer gently in the hollow behind the ear. Step 3: Push the start button then release after the 1-second "beep." You'll see a reading on the LCD display. Some Helpful Tips For Best Results Make sure you push the start button all the way in. Make sure that you wait for the 1-second beep before releasing the start button. Be sure that the probe tip lays flat against the skin. You can take another reading 10 seconds after you take the initial reading.


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