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Spike Lavender Lavandula latifolia 100% Pure Essential Oil Aroma: Lavender-like, camphorous, herbal Note: Medium Origin: France Extraction: Steam Distilled Description Spike lavender is a favorite of ours partially thanks to its lovely floral, herbal scent, but also because it’s so useful. Its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties make it a great addition to muscle and joint rubs and can help relieve minor aches and pains. Spike lavender can also be added to your favorite housekeeping recipes as an antibacterial. Try diffusing this oil bedside to enjoy its healthful lung support and luxurious scent -it’s sure to help you drift off to a peaceful slumber. This well-balanced oil is an incredible blend of rejuvenating and relaxing and is likely to become one of your favorites as well. Health Benefits Anxiety & Stress: For many, this bright oil can combat the fatigue and mental strain caused by anxiety and stress. Headache: Offering a comforting, slightly cooling sensation, this lovely oil is especially valued for its ability to soothe headaches. Insomnia: Spike Lavender, like Lavender angustifolia, is great for calming the mind and helping you relax before bed. Muscle & Joint Pain: Commonly used for muscle aches and pains, Spike Lavender is a great choice for muscle rubs and may help relieve inflammation. Respiratory Aid: Spike Lavender is commonly used to relieve congestion, coughs, and as an expectorant. Properties Analgesic Anti-Inflammatory Antibacterial Antidepressant Antifungal Antirheumatic Antispasmodic Cephalic Decongestant Expectorant Mucolytic Skin Penetration Enhancer Main Compounds/Constituents Linalool 1,8-Cineole Camphor


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