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Pine Pinus sylvestris 100% Pure Essential Oil Aroma: fresh, earthy, piney Note: Top Origin: Bulgaria Extraction: Steam Distilled Description Most associate pine with its incredibly fresh and invigorating scent and its antibacterial and cleansing abilities, but pine is also popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can be added to a carrier or massage oil to comfort inflamed muscles and can be diffused to reduce congestion and inflammation in the sinuses and respiratory system. This deodorizing, energizing oil is excellent diffused year-round to help cleanse the air and give a woodsy, upbeat environment. Health Benefits Anti-Inflammatory: Can be used for a variety of inflamed tissues such as sinuses, respiratory system, and muscles. Cleansing: As an antibacterial, pine is a great addition to your homemade cleansing blends. Decongestant: Can help relieve lung and sinus congestion due to cold/flu, allergies, and infection. Deodorizing: Fresh pine scent easily eliminates unpleasant odors. Energizing: Promotes mental clarity -mentally and physically invigorating. Respiratory Health: Can soothe and comfort the respiratory system. Properties Antibacterial Anti-Inflammatory Antirheumatic Antispasmodic Decongestant Expectorant Main Compounds/Constituents a-Pinene B-Pinene Delta-3-Carene B-Phellandrene Safety Dilute before topical application. Avoid mucous membranes.


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