Litsea (May Chang) Essential Oil Rollerball 10ml by Davina

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Litsea (May Chang) Litsea cubeba 10ml Rollerball -100% Pure Essential Oil Pre-Diluted with High-Quality Fractionated Coconut Oil Aroma: Citrus, sweet, fruity Note: Top-Middle Origin: China Extraction: Steam Distilled Description Excellent for the skin, Litsea can be used to cleanse and clear greasy, blemish-prone skin, when applied topically to the areas of concern. It can be diffused to provide an encouraging and uplifting atmosphere. Its effect on mood can be quite profound for some, and can help them through periods of grief or personal difficulty. Litsea has a calming effect and can be quite useful for those who suffer from insomnia or to calm nervous energy. Health Benefits Immune System Boost: Assists the immune system during cold and flu season providing additional protection against illness and promoting faster recovery Insomnia: Relaxing, calming scent helps you drift off into a restful and peaceful night’s sleep Mood: Encourages feelings of well-being, promotes a positive outlook, and helps improve mood Skin Care: Excellent for reducing blemishes, clearing greasy skin, and improving complexion Properties Antifungal Anti-inflammatory Antimicrobial Antiviral Astringent Calming Tonic Main Compounds/Constituents Geranial Neral (+)-Limonene Methyl heptenone Safety Avoid sensitive or damaged skin. May be sensitizing. Do not use if you have Glaucoma. Do not use on children under 5.

special features:

  • 10ml Rollerball – 100% pure & potent therapeutic essential oil expertly blended with high quality fractionated coconut oil


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