The Maple Hill Naturals story starts off as a small one mom company, looking to provide answers to mothers who were looking for natural solutions to everyday problems. This passion for providing answers with world class customer service continues to hold true to this day. All of their products are hand crafted in the United States using the finest materials and ingredients. At Maple Hill Naturals they are committed to helping you save time, money, and the environment every time you use their natural products.Maple Hill Dryer Balls are hand crafted by stay at home mothers in the United Sates using the finest domestically sourced wool. They realized early on that the one thing that stays closest to our skin all day long is our clothing. By using only the finest domestic wool they have crafted a product that eliminates the need for chemicals in our dyers and eliminates chemical fabric softeners from our water supply. They created the extra large dryer ball in 2010 and continued to innovate this category creating Jumbo dryer balls for very large loads. At Maple Hill Naturals they also realize that there are no cutting corners when it comes to what we put on our bodies. All natural hand crafted soaps are made using the old world “cold processing” technique. No heat or chemicals are added producing a bar rich in natural glycerin and luxurious natural oils. Their soaps leave your skin moisturized and feeling great all day long. Their natural soaps are gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin and soothing enough for the driest. They bring this same philosophy to all of their hand crafted skin care products as they continue to innovate new products. Finally, they realize that as a member of their community it is their responsibility to contribute where they can to help create a better world. It is for this reason that a portion of the sale of each Maple Hill Naturals product goes to charity. So enjoy your Maple Hill Naturals products! We know you will love them as much as we do!

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