Crafty Little you was founded by two sisters who share a passion of home decorating, style, handmade crafting, and diy projects! They both have amazing husbands who can help them put their passions to work! In Christmas of 2012, these two sisters wanted to share their passion with others. They came out with a seasonal holiday item and posted it on a small website and sold over 100 products in less than one week! This opened up a door that started it all on the road to their dreams!! Since then, these two sisters create the ideas and their husbands put their creations to real life and cut the wood themselves. Together, this sister/ husband combo has made it happen. Every single item has a little bit of love and personal touch put into it. Nothing is made in a factory or an assembly line. One of these sisters touches every single piece that goes out! It is just a ma and pa kinda place! Since starting, they have started doing local home parties, online parties, and personal orders. They hope to start a legacy that can continue on for a long time!

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