Routing Guide

If you are using our Fulfillment Services, this doc is for you. At we are passionate about serving our customers and YOU, our suppliers, in the most efficeint way possible. This Routing Guide contains instructions and requirements that will help us achieve our goal of receiving and shipping your product to customers within 24 hours.

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Each Product must be labeled with a Unique Identifier (SKU/UPC/Style/Model), which must be visible or reasonably accessible. If we have to open the packaging to get to the SKU or UPC it is not reasonably accessible. If product is not labeled with a unique identifier, a fee of $0.50 will be applied per unit.   (*Note, we will label your products for $0.25 per unit if arranged in advance.)

Acceptable Unique Identifiers:



All Soft Goods and Jewelry must be individually bagged and sealed. We want your product to stay clean and safe in our warehouse. If soft goods and jewelry do not meet the single unit packaging standards, a fee of $0.50 per unit will be applied. (*Note, we will single unit package your goods for $0.25 per unit if arranged in advance.



Product may only contain a price tag from a manufacturer or brand owner. Unapproved price tags will be removed for $0.50 per unit at your expense.



All products containing expiration dates must have a minimum of 365 days of shelf life when received by Product expiration date must be the same within each box.  If the Expiration date is under 365 days, may require a discounted cost of goods, cancel the PO or return the product at your cost.


Products must be supplied with all parts and accessories. Please make sure to include the assembly instructions and general instructions needed to use the product. You, the supplier, will responsible for all returns due to missing parts or accessories.



Ship a single PO in one shipment. Please get approval to send multiple shipments.



  1. Purchase Order Number
  2. Origin and Destination Address
  3. Unique Identifier (SKU/UPC/Style/Model), if multiple SKU's in a carton please list each SKU
  4. Each carton marked by number (i.e. 1/2, 2/2, etc.) The packing list must be placed on or inside the first carton
  5. DO NOT put product from multiple PO's in the same box



A printed packing list must accompany each shipment, and be placed inside box number. An emailed packing list WILL NOT be accepted. Packing list should match the Purchase Order. DO NOT ship any product that is not on the Purchase Order. A $50 per shipment penalty will be assessed for missing, or incomplete packing lists

Each Packing List must contain the following:

  1. Purchase Order number
  2. Unique Identifier (SKU/UPC/Style/Model)  as stated on the Purchase Order
  3. Quantity shipped per SKU
  4. Total units per shipment
  5. Total boxes per shipment
  6. Trailer seal number for full trailers/containers



Receiving Hours:

Monday – Friday

8:00am – 5:00pm MST

2080 S. Industrial Rd. Building B, Suite C, Dock 4
Salt Lake City, UT 84104


Accounts Payable



The Mandatory Delivery Deadline is the date products must arrive at our warehouse located at 2080 S. Industrial Rd, Suite C Dock 4, Salt Lake City, UT 84104 by 5:00pm MST.

Plan to have your shipment arrive at our warehouse 1-2 days before the Mandatory Delivery Deadline to prevent fees. It is imperative that we honor the time commitment we’ve made to our customers.

POs received after the Mandatory Delivery Deadline are subject to a 10% fee per day that it’s late.



Items missing from the Purchase Order are subject to a $10 per unit cancellation fee.



  1. Email invoices to  Please do not send it to us any other way... it may get lost!
  2. Please do not include Invoices with shipments. Only packing lists should accompany shipments.
  3. Each SKU (SKU being a unique item identifier) must have it's own line on the invoice and match the Individual Product Label.
  4. The invoice cost must match the product cost as listed on the purchase order.
  5. As a condition to payment you must provide proof of delivery; such as a signed copy of the Bill of Lading or tracking number.

Failure to adhere to the invoicing requirements will result in delayed processing and payment.



“Purchase Order - PO” means a document created by and transmitted to Supplier respecting order to purchase Products from Supplier. A Purchase Order sets forth the description, quantity, price, payment terms, and other terms and conditions.

“Mandatory Delivery Deadline” means the date Products must be physically present at the Warehouse.

“Payment Terms” means the agreed-upon time for payment specified in the Purchase Order.

“Supplier” means any person, corporation, partnership or other legal entity who supplies Products to pursuant to the Supplier Agreement.

“Invoice” means a document prepared by Supplier and submitted to requesting payment in accordance with the Purchase Order. “Invoice” also means a document prepared by and submitted to Supplier requesting payment for service fees or costs incurred due to receipt of Non-Conforming Products.

“FOB” means freight on board and indicates where title and risk of loss to Products pass from Supplier to FOB is specified as FOB Destination (Steal Network’s warehouse or other location specified by Steal Network) unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

“Packing List” means an itemized list of Products included with each shipment specifying the Purchase Order number, quantity, and description of Products.

“Shipping Unit” means physical unit, be it box or pallet, that is being handled by a carrier. Example: 3 boxes shipping via FedEx = 3 shipping units. 15 boxes on 1 pallet shipping via LTL = 1 shipping unit.

“Description of Goods” means a detailed description of the materials and goods being shipped.

“Products” means goods supplied by Supplier to (Boxed or On Pallets)

“Soft Goods” means goods that are soft to the touch, such as clothing and other textile goods. Soft Goods includes, but is not limited to clothing, fashion accessories, blankets, plush toys, backpacks, diaper bags, and handbags.