Hundreds of reasons moms love BabyLegs.

  1. I haven't gotten to use them since I'm pregnant with my first, but I know my little boy would use them all the time!
  2. My daughter is only 8 months old but I already have 12 new pairs of babylegs for her! She is finally starting to wear them and they are so adorable!!!
  3. I absolutely LOVE baby legs. My daughter wears cloth diapers and the diapers allow her to show off her cute cloth. Also it makes our diaper changing SO much easier! I am so glad I have found baby legs and I plan on buying more as my bank account lets me :)
  4. My little girl has 2 pairs and they are so cute under dresses!
  5. I had legwarmers as a kid, what's not to love? Only have a few pairs for my daughter so far...
  6. Here in AZ, it's FREEZING in the mornings but by 12pm, it's in the 70's. These are so great because we can thrown them on in the morning and by lunch time, it's time to take them off and pretend it's the summer again! :)
  7. I want them to make my new baby girl look oh so cute!
  8. I just ordered my first set for my toddler. I can't wait to get them because I think they'll be perfect for potty training and as leggings with her boots!
  9. Don't have any yet- would love them for my little man whose pants are always hiked up!
  10. I am new to bbaylegs but have about 15 pair of baby legs and 20 pair of baby legs socks love them and so does everyone else
  11. We have very cold winters here in Saskatchewan. Asher always wears a pair under his exposed skin for my little guy!
  12. Expecting a bouncing baby this coming summer and would *love* to put this amazing product to use. I have heard so many wonderful reviews on BabySteals, and want to come up with a story of my own!
  13. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stinking CUTE. I don't own any but they are definitely adorable. I take photos of children for my photography all the time. these would go perfect in my photo shoots. =)
  14. We use them to extend clothing into other seasons! And they are a must for midnight diaper changes, or while camping!
  15. I am the mother of 7, ages 16, 12, 9, 8, 7, 4, & 3. I use BabyLegs every day on at least one of my children. We live in an area of the country where it can go from warm & sunny to cold and snowing in just a matter of hours. The nice thing about BabyLegs is that as long as I have a few pairs in my purse or day bag, I can always adjust my kids to the temperature. Even my teenagers use them on their arms, under 3/4 sleeve shirts, they say it's a fashion statement =) They have been a lifesaver at baseball games, when we're out riding horses, or even just out running errands. I couldn't live without them.
  16. My daughter Jori loves them! Panty hose or tights are soooo uncomfortable! But with baby legs she can wear dresses and still keep her little legs warm!! And now after reading some of the other ideas, I can't wait to try them! And having 50 new pairs (to add to the 2 that we have) would be great!!!
  17. We LOVE BabyLegs! My favorite is just for easy diaper changing and just how darn cute they look!
  18. At 1st everyone laughed at me when they saw them in my diaper bag. But after my girlfriends saw how easy it was to change addie's diaper under a skirt or a dress they all went and order their own babylegs
  19. My son loves to wear his baby legs when crawling around the house. They are great because he can't get them off.
  20. I LOVE Babylegs...they make diaper changes so easy and are great for a crawler!
  21. Just a recent customer of BabyLegs for the first time. NO complaints here. Wish I'd bought some sooner.
  22. I noticed BabyLegs when my now 3-year-old was about 15 months. I thought about getting him a pair, but my husband may have turned up his nose, seeing them as leg warmers (he always makes sure I don't dress his little boy that could in any way confuse him with being a girl). Now that we are expecting our second child, A GIRL, in February, I'm SO EXCITED to get some with no comments from the peanut gallery! I think they're great for changing our cloth diapers without having to worry about removing pants or shorts. Can't wait!!!!
  23. I started potty training my daughter at 20 was so nice to just slip on a pair of babylegs on her and her little messy pants to clean up if she had an accident! She's been wearing babylegs since she was an infant...when they were so big on her tiny little legs!
  24. Our family LOVES Baby Legs! My daughter has them for every season. For my sisters baby shower, I got her a basket of them. They are perfect for everyday, any season. I am pregnant again (yeah me!) this time with a boy. On a recent trip to New York (we live in California) we bought him Taxi and Police Car Baby Legs.
  25. I just ordered my first set of babylegs the other day and am eagerly waiting for them to arrive. I love seeing everyone's pictures of their little ones in babylegs, I think they are the cutest things ever! We are going to start potty training soon and babylegs will come in handy when we start the process for sure!
  26. I started potty training my daughter at 20 was so nice to just slip on a pair of babylegs on her and her little messy pants to clean up if she had an accident! She's been wearing babylegs since she was an infant...when they were so big on her tiny little legs!
  27. I have just a few pair for my Daughter (4) and son (2). They love them. Even though my hubby thinks my son looks "fruity" in them, I LOVE them!!!
  28. I think they would be great to keep my granddaughter a little warmer in her gymnastics leotard or her dress ups that she is always wearing!
  29. I have a baby boy and he has a couple of pairs of baby legs...even his Daddy thinks they are cool! They make diapers changes SO much easier!
  30. I started potty training my daughter at 20 was so nice to just slip on a pair of babylegs on her and her little messy pants to clean up if she had an accident! She's been wearing babylegs since she was an infant...when they were so big on her tiny little legs!
  31. OMG...I discovered BabyLegs thanks to the wonderful BS team and they have now become a staple at our home! Even DH LOVES them. It's so easy to throw on a onesie and some babylegs and off we go. You can never have too many BL!!!
  32. I don't own any babylegs yet, but would LOVE to!! They always seem to sell out before I can snag them. My DD is a tall squirt. All her pants are too short, but if i go up a size they are huge on her little bum. If I had some babylegs I could put those on under her flood pants and all would be well!!
  33. I love them outside to play on the patio or driveway - they have saved me from many skinned knees. Great to go to an outdoor event early - just slide them off legs or arms when it warms up too.
  34. I've gotten addicted to BL lately. It's just SO easy to change diapers and create cute outfits with them. Everytime my daughter wears a pair she gets tons of compliments and I also am referring new customers. They're great for crawling and beginning walkers and being due with #2 I CANNOT WAIT to try out the newborn sizes!
  35. Would you believe that everyone in my family wears BabyLegs? Yes, even the adults. They keep the arms warm on chilly days. We each have our own favorite pair. Legitimately, my twin 11 month olds are the only "babies" in the house, but the 4 year-old, and the two 33 year-olds are love our BabyLegs!
  36. I started potty training my daughter at 20 was so nice to just slip on a pair of babylegs on her and her little messy pants to clean up if she had an accident! She's been wearing babylegs since she was an infant...when they were so big on her tiny little legs!
  37. Oh babylegs my toddler loves playing dress up with them and wearing them to keep her warm...I love the look with my sons little green fluff bottom, blue tshirt, and football baby legs for Sundays when we watch our Seahawks play!
  38. I always have a pair of babylegs in my diaper bag in case my DS gets chilly, they work great on his legs and arms! I've even used his Halloween ones as arm warmers a couple of times as well ! And I also plan on using them when I atempt to potty train him in the next few months too! I love babylegs!!! ;)
  39. I don't own any but the have been on my wish list for a baby boy has eczema and gets scaly patches on his little body...he is not a huge fan of pants but he HAS to have something on his legs to keep him from scratching...Fingers crossed :)
  40. Baby Legs are perfect for everything! They even work as mittens when mommy's hands get cold ;)
  41. I bought some for my dd when she was only a few months old, but she was too chunky to wear them on her legs. Now her legs are getting skinnier, so this rainy season I plan to put her in them as much as possible.
  42. My 4 year old son has about 5 pairs. I keep one in my purse for chilly weather. He has a pair that he uses over his shin guards for soccer and the other pairs we use for either arm warmers or leg warmers, which he likes to wear under his clothes in the winter. I just started stocking up for our little one on the way as well. We love them!
  43. I love babylegs! There are great to use here in Texas when it's cool in the morning but warms up by noon so I can take them off of my 3 month old and just stash them in the diaper bag then put them back on her when it's starts getting chilly again in the evening!
  44. I have about 10 pairs waiting for our daughter who is due in January. I can't wait for her to wear them in a couple months.
  45. BabyLegs are a life saver. I always have a pair in the diaper bag. I put them on my daughter in the mornings when it's chilly and then can take them off when it warms up. It's so much easier than an entire outfit change. Plus they're too darn cute!
  46. I have 3 girls, 4 years and 2 year old twins, and they wear babylegs in some way almost every day. 1 of my 2 year olds is severely physically delayed and still only army crawls and babylegs are working great protecting her arms and legs on the floor. She also wears a brace on her arm, which doesn't fit over long sleeved clothes, so babylegs on her arms are a god-send to keep her warm. My oldest daughter loves wearing them on her arms to school and says they are easy to take off when she gets warm later in the day. She also loves matching her younger sisters. We are babylegs addicts and probably have 80 pair between the 3 of them and could really use some more. You can never have enough babylegs right? And the best thing, they have wonderful customer service, just like babysteals :)
  47. We love baby legs!! They helped protect my daughter's knees when she was crawling and were great in place of pants for quick diaper changes! And they are the perfect accessory for showing off cloth diapers:) I am already stocking up on them for my little boy due in March!
  48. I don't own any BabyLegs yet, but I would love them for my 18 month old boy. He is constantly falling and I think these would help protect his little knees.
  49. I would say that my little one is known for babylegs...she pretty much wears them daily and people always wonder how we have a color for every outfit. With another due any day now, I better start re stocking up on baby legs :)....
  50. I wish I had known about them with my first child! I love the convienience of their use. They are great for keeping legs warm and make it much nicer on the knees as they are learning to crawl. My husband loves them because it's one less step he has to take off in order to change a diaper!
  51. BabyLegs are just so cute! They let me show off My little guys cloth diapers, which are also cute! Win Win!
  52. Isla wears them during the fall or chilly summer nights as pants! It was so great to just be able to throw her in a onsie and some BabyLegs, rather than pants. They are so great for crawlers!!
  53. They are the best for my little one while in a carrier. They are great too when we go out to eat to entertain her and keep her warm:)
  54. I always keep them with me. I have a 5 month old and a 5 year old. One pair works for both of them. I love them for in the summer when it is hot outside but freezing cold in restaurants because of the AC. They keep me from having to take a coat every where I go. Less packing and space saving!!!
  55. I love BabyLegs so much!! They're cute, comfy, functional, they're just plain perfect! I used them with my daughter when she was tiny in place on pants to with onesies, for layers under sleepers and clothes, and now that she's bigger they're like tights under skirts and dresses! We're moving back to winter weather wonderland and we'll use them for layering and keeping her warm! (and because she doesn't really have frigid winter clothes :P) Then when baby #2 gets here in a couple months I'll use them all over again! I love them so much and my husband doesn't understand it, but they are seriously the best accessory ever! Even my extended family know how much I love them. :)
  56. We live in Montana and these were the best purchases ever!! Our baby Teagan wears them with all dresses and skirts and around the house with her onsies.
  57. My two year old used to throw a tantrum anytime I tried to put tights on her. Now that I have Babylegs the tantrums have disappeared and getting her dress has never been easier! They have also made potty training a dream ... no pants to pull up and down a zillion times a day!
  58. Love to put them on my son when he's wearing onesies! Wish they would of had these with my daughter 8 years ago!
  59. My daughter is so active now that her socks constantly fall off, so do her slippers. I love using babylegs to keep them up. I put them on so they cover 1/2 her foot and the rest go up her legs to keep them warm when her pants ride up. I love using them over her pj's too when she is wearing the thinner pair. I only have a few pairs because it is difficult for me to get them where I live. I would love some new ones so I can update my bug's wardrobe. I use them when she's in her skirts or sometimes just tooling around in her onsie. My chubby bug looks so cute with her BabyLegs on!
  60. I loved baby legs with my daughter, but my story isnt really mine. A good friend's 5 month old daughter had a stroke a few months ago and she wore her baby legs during her hospitalization. The nurses loved them so much, and the family ran a campaign to donate a bunch of baby legs to the NICU. A great product to help out babies during tough times! I look forward to rebuilding our baby leg collection for the baby we are expecting in a few weeks!
  61. I only have 4 pairs from a recent steal. With two boys I was hesitant, but now I LOVE them! I've only used them on my 6 month old, but LOVE the idea of under the pants for both my kids! Can't wait to get some more!
  62. My son was a late walker and didn't walk until he was 18 months old. BabyLegs were so much cuter to put on him to protect his little knees than jeans in the winter, and they look fabulous in the spring/summer/fall (we live in Arizona) with a pair of shorts!
  63. I want baby legs because I love onesies!! I love how my little girl's legs look coming out of those little onesies, and hate to cover them up in the winter!! Plus, you don't have pants to deal with while changing! Just pull them down a little and change the diaper!! No more cold legs!! Plus, they are just too cute!!
  64. We use babylegs so that my daughter can wear her cute little skirts and dress in the winter without the added extra bulk of leggings or tights. She wears cloth diapers and babylegs are so much better than putting a pair of stockings over a diaper & cover! My older daughters also use babylegs for dance class and under skirts for school.
  65. My son decided to dress himself for be last week. He wore his rocket shirt, blue space shorts, cowboy boot slippers and topped it off with his green stripped baby legs. So cute and too funny!!!
  66. I don't have a single pair of babylegs but I can see their many uses! I have 1ye old twins and 3 yr old daughter. I think throwing a pair of babylegs on the twins would make it faster to get out the door to get 3rd old to preschool. Also dd hates dresses much to my dismay, maybe babylegs underneath would convince her to wear a dress!!
  67. Perfect in the winter to spice up an outfit for ballet class!!
  68. They hold a special place on my "wish i could afford" list. haha. I would love some for my little angels legs this winter!!!!
  69. I don't own BabyLegs yet, but I am expecting my first little nugget in April and cannot wait to get my hands on some! I have heard such great things about them!
  70. When I take my little guy for swimming lessons, I get him geared up at home in his trunks, throw on the Baby Legs and when we get to the pool, we only have to take off the Baby Legs and we're ready for our swim!
  71. I don't own any yet but I'm due with a little girl in April and would LOVE some of these adorable leggings! You can bet that if I don't win, I will still be buying some!
  72. We <3 Babylegs! Actually, I was trying to find their website when I stumbled upon when you were offering them that day. First steal!! My 3 year old used them for potty training. Both of my girls use them when it gets cool under dresses or skirts. And our family used the rainbow babylegs (my husband and I on our arms) to support my sister-in-law.
  73. My Daughter Finley just recently was burned very badly by boiling hot water all down her leg from her thigh to just below her knee. She was rushed to the ER and after getting her legged checked out, cleaned up, medicated and bandaged we were on our way home. The doctor urged us to keep it bandaged and clean it twice a day. We had a really hard time keepng the bandages on after trying a number of things I tried Babylegs and they saved the day. It fit Like a little sleeve right over the bandage and kept Finley comfortable and kept the bandages from falling off and exposing the burn.
  74. I am in love with Baby Legs. They are so great for when my little one is in her infant carrier and her pants get all bunched - or in the summer when it WAS warm enough for no pants but all of a sudden it is not...I don't even have to take her out of the carrier - just baby legs and problem solved! Also - living in northern BC (Canada) baby legs are such a great addition to any winter outfit to keep those legs warm. I wish I had Baby Legs with my two boys but I am SUPER happy to have some with my daughter because not only are they practical but they are adorable and I can use them to accessorize her and her girlishness!
  75. my daughter, graycie, will be 6 months old next saturday. we NEED babylegs desperately for a few reasons. 1. a lot of people love to buy her new clothes, however they never get stuff that is season appropriate. we live in washington and it is sooooooo cold and she has so many adorable skirts and dresses that she can't wear. if we had some babylegs then she could wear them to keep her legs warm and make her outfits even more adorable!! 2. Her arms and legs are sooooooo long. most of her long sleeve shirts are to short and her pants are to short. if she had some babylegs she could just wear skirts with them so she won't always be looking like she is waiting for a flood. 3. Babylegs are adorable and we would just love to have them!
  76. I have never used BabyLegs but I am really curious about how they would work for my 2 sons as they never really want to put on pants but always have really chilly legs.
  77. I wish I had known the joys of babylegs sooner for the newborn stage! My crawler now uses them to protect her knees, we have about 10 pairs. I also use them on my legs on cold days and when I was injured, I used them to keep the bandage on my leg instead of tape!
  78. I don't have any BabyLegs yet... but I want them to keep baby's legs warm through the eight months of northern winter!
  79. We love Babylegs! They are great for everything from crawling, diaper changes, or even allowing for less restricted play times.
  80. We use them instead of socks. We just let the ends hang past his toes and he can't pull them off! Regular socks do not stay on his feet.
  81. I don't own any yet. I would love to have some for my baby son - he would look so cute with his cloth diaper and baby legs on! And my 6 year old daughter lives in dresses, so they would help keep her legs warm on our cold walks to and from school. With 50 pair, I would have to spread the love at our local Early Years Centre for sure!
  82. My daughter wears lots of dresses because she has such a fluffy butt from cloth diapers. I love using the Babylegs to keep her little legs warm and I slip the Babyleg just over her heel and it keeps her socks on too.
  83. I don't have any BabyLegs but I would love some! I can totally relate to some of the comments about them, pants riding up in the car, not wanting to carry around jackets... This is an awesome giveaway!
  84. Ahhh Babylegs! Seeing as how I have only BOYS it was a bit of a battle to convince the hiubs that they are NOT tights and are indeed not only adorable but FUNctional! For the first few months I had Babylegs "fever" I had to keep them put away and only use them when the husband wasn't present! They've been in jackets, diaper bags, MY BRA! etc - Eventually, as is always the case, he came around to see things the right way, I mean MY way - LOL We now wear our, I mean the boys now wear their BL's out in the open! Daddy finally realized they are functional. It is MUCH easier to change a little wiggleworm wearing BL's and a CD than to deal with pants around the house. They also do a wonderful job of protecting delicate knees while learning to crawl and cruise. I have to be honest though - while they do a wonderful job of being functional, having only boys, it is one of the few things I can do to "cutesy" them up. I love our BabyLegs- Heaven help us if we'd ever had a baby girl!
  85. I had newborn babylegs on my daughter for her 2 month shots and my pediatrician LOVED the idea! They were so easy to just pull down right before the shot and pull back up when she was done... no muss and fuss with pulling pants on and off. I also love them for my daughter because she is long and skinny so by the time pants fit her in the waist, they are too short in the legs... hence babylegs are perfect for her! LOVE them!
  86. Haven't used them yet...but have 6 pairs waiting for the new baby when he or she arrives in about six weeks....very excited to try them out!
  87. I don't own any babylegs but have always wanted to buy some for my 10 month old daughter. Everytime I see them on I want to purchase them, but they are always sold out within the first 3-5 min. I love that they come in many different colors and styles and are not only for when your child is young, they can still wear them as they grow.
  88. The fall and spring in North Texas are basically winter at night and summer during the day. Who wants to carry that many extra clothes around? Just throw a couple of pairs of BabyLegs on the kids under their t-shirts and shorts. No more listening to "Mom, I'm cold!"
  89. I don't have any yet, but I can't wait to get some (we'll be waiting until next year for our peanut's arrival). I've heard fabulous things about them from my friends and when paired with a picky sticky onesie it's the perfect outfit for a photo shoot.
  90. I love babylegs because I can get more use out of the summer dresses and skirts for my 8 month old by thowing on a pair of babyleags!!!
  91. I always have a pair in each of the diaper bags.
  92. We love babylegs. I have lots of them and we use all the time under pants for extra warmth. My boys 4, 2, & 1 month all wear them. They are great for camping and in the fall when the evenings get chilly and the kids have shorts on. And of course they are so cute with a onsie on the baby.
  93. Just discovered the BabyLegs addiction to go along with my cloth diaper addiction. They are wonderful for quick diaper changes as well as for my 5 year old daughter. I have been getting so excited every week at ballet when the other moms ask me about those "things" on my little baby or older daughter. So much simplier on preschoolers than tights when it comes to last minute runs to the potty. I have been converted and don't see myself going back!
  94. I would love to hand these out for holiday gifts to the teen moms and mom's in need at our church. It's something they wouldn't ever splurge on, so I'd love to spoil them!
  95. We got some as a gift and now my little one is too long for many of her pants. She has to either wear a larger size that are too big or show her ankles. Its much easier to just throw some baby legs on her and call it a day. She loves them!
  96. We don't have any yet but so want some. They would be perfect to wear with my little ones many dresses.
  97. i like to dress my daughter very uniquely and babylegs always add that special touch! my favourite pair so far that i own are the rainbow stripes - but i would love to have more!
  98. I have the hardest time getting my daughter to wear pants in the winter, and eventhough we live by the beautiful coast, mornings at school can get really chilly!! With her baby legs on it gives me peace of mind and a great compromise!!!!
  99. I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting my first pair of BabyLegs (in the mail RIGHT NOW). I have twin boys who I JUST started cloth diapering and I would LOVE to stock up on BabyLegs so I can show off their cute cloth booties (esp since pants are harder to fit over the cloth dipes)!
  100. My husband and I are station at Ft. Campbell and are 10+ hours from both sides of our family. I LOVE Babylegs on our long road trips! Keeps his legs warm and not restricted by pants. And they make changes SUPER easy, I can change him in the car and not have to strip him down. Once it's warm they can just be slipped off even with him the car seat and he never gets too warm. It's the simple things that make Babylegs great and road trips easier!
  101. I actually just purchased 5 pairs of BabyLegs for my son due on the 13th of this month! I am excited that he will wear one of the Holiday pairs with his Christmas Onsies! I am looking forward to the cutest they will give off, along with the ease of diaper changes!!!
  102. I want them because I have the two cutest little girls...and they need them!! :)
  103. Love babylegs! I used to buy them to match specific outfits, but now I buy outfits to match my babylegs!
  104. We LOVE babylegs for our twins. At first I thought, who would use those on their kids?! I just didn't see it. But after hearing all the babysteals mama's on facebook talk about how much they loved theirs, we bought some and fell in love ourselves. We've used them on cool summer nights to keep their little legs warm and protected from mosquitos. Just recently we used them to coordinate with girls' 1st birthday outfits. Everybody at the party thought they were so cute! :)
  105. My name is Hannah, and I am a BabyLegs addict. I already own abotu 60 pairs! I love them so much because we travel often, and live on the coast. Where we live the temperature can vary by 30 degrees or more in a 12 hour period! That makes dressing your baby kind of hard. So, I always keep a few pairs of match-anything BL in my purse, diaperbag, etc, and we are good to go. I also love them because I cloth diaper, and it is so much easier than dealing with taking pants off and on constantly!
  106. My 22 month old daughter LOVES her Baby Legs. Her favorite thing to do is to put a pair on her arms, a pair on her legs and then she starts putting them on her teddies and dollies too! Then she takes them all off and starts over so everyone gets a different pair!
  107. I don't own any actual BabyLegs yet, just the ones I have made, but I would love to have a WHOLE drawer full for my daughter. She hates socks and they fall off so easy, and she loves being in just a diaper. I love being able to put on a pair of leg warmers and cover her feet with them or let her wear them with her diaper.
  108. I want them because after reading all of the above reasons why moms use them I'm sitting here wondering how in the heck have I even survived this long without them?! I love all of the creative uses!
  109. I don't own any yet, but need to. My daughter is right where she should be height wise, but slightly under weight. So the pants that fit length wise are too big around the waist. At this point the only option we have is to put in sleepers. I have a lot of cute onesies that could wear with the BabyLegs...if I had some :)
  110. I never wanted BabyLegs until I came in contact with Now, I'm in love! Hope we win so we can get some more! only have 2 pairs for each girl.
  111. I didn't discover babylegs until I discovered babysteals...I wish I had known about them before. They are super cute with my daughter's skirts and now in winter we are wearing them under pants for extra warmth. So much easier for her to go potty without the layer of tights under pants!
  112. I don't own any yet but would love to start buying some for my first. =) They are so cute and come in all different colors and designs. Perfect for boys or girls, and all ages! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
  113. We have but one pair of black babylegs. My mom bought them when my son was a baby and we used them all the time. Being from Canada, we stuck them under clothes for that extra layer of warmth and then he used them again for crawling around the house. Now, my daughter wears them with dresses and skirts during the winter. She looks so adorable with her cute little leg warmers on. We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to own 50 pairs!! YAY! That would be awesome!!
  114. I Love BabyLegs! I have a 7 year old boy, a 2 1/2 year old girl, and a 5 week old boy. It's the one thing in my house they can all wear! My fav thing about them is I can change a diaper without dealing with snaps/buttons or taking off pants/tights. They add personality to everyone no matter how young or old! I have 3 pairs, and I just ordered 10 more. I can't wait to get them! I love to get newbies addicted to them too :) <3
  115. I own one pair and I love them. My daughter thinks it is fun to wear them. They are the best thing since sliced cheese. :)
  116. My son is almost 14 months old, but has a TEENY waist, and can still wear his 3-6 month pants...but they are too short... so when we're just running around the house, we throw our babylegs underneath and keep our ankles warm!
  117. I love to put Baby Legs on my daughter when it starts to cool down. I throw them under her skirts to make her outfits even cuter. Now that she is potty training, she will wear them around with her t-shirt and diaper! So awesome! And now we have a little boy to start the baby leg wearing trend with as well.
  118. i don't own any yet but i know my girlfriend would love to have some for our baby girl! they' seem quick, stylish, and easy to change a diaper with!
  119. Some outfits are just too cute to be put away. I use my daughter's BabyLegs to let her wear warm weather clothes in winter and to cover up legs that would have shown a bit too much. Besides, BabyLegs adds a little extra darling to any outfit.
  120. Penelope has always been a long baby, but know she is to long for six month pants but her waist is so solution BabyLegs and tights everywhere we go. She gets a ton of attention in these outfits and I know that I am still keeping her warm in our chilly Winnipeg winters
  121. I had never heard of Babylegs before until I was introduced to them by BabySteals! In the summer time our son Oliver lived in Babylegs!! They were so great to throw on in the heat of summer he could wear his diaper, onesie and babylegs to keep his knees padded while he crawled as well as protection from the sun! Now that it's getting chilly they're great to layer under his pants as extra warmth in the car on the way to Grandma's house and then once we're inside we can pull them off! they are a diaper bag staple in our house!! We have had so many comments about how "retro" our baby boy is by sporting the leg warmers every where he goes! LOL
  122. Baby legs save me and my daughter from tears!! Every time my daughter has to go in for the dreaded shots I put her in a onsie and a pair of baby legs. The nurse simply pokes her precious little thigh just above the baby legs and we're done! I don't have to get her redressed while she screams bloody murder, I just pick her up right away and give her lots of love. I buy a pair of baby legs for shower gifts for all my friends for this very reason!
  123. Two of my nephews are color blind. One day they asked if they could get the baby ready. I really wish I took a picture of the red leg and orange leg she was wearing...maybe a new style? :-)
  124. I make alot of applique onesies for my son and have been searching for BabyLegs for him to wear with them! Plus, he has eczema all over his legs and has to keep them covered in order to keep him from scratching!!!!
  125. We own about 20 pairs already. Ever since my daughter could crawl, they have been one of her favorite toys. At least once every couple days she gets into the Rubbermaid container under her crib and pulls them out one by one. She likes to separate the folded ones and toss them all over her room. It's probably the most festive mess I've ever seen. I had no idea these trendy legwarmers would double as playthings - more bang for my buck! ;)
  126. My 3 year old daughter loves skirts, dresses, and baby legs. She always wants to pick out a pair to wear that match her outfit. Unfortunately, I don't have nearly enough colors to match everything but we are working on our stash.
  127. I love BabyLegs! I use them during the in-between months -- when it's warm during the day, but maybe a little chilly at night. If my little guy has been wearing shorts or a T shirt all day, and gets a little cold, I just slip on a pair of BabyLegs! Super easy AND cute -- and much less bulky thank carrying a jacket everywhere! I also love that they extend the life of the T shirts I buy -- he can still wear them during fall/winter, with BabyLegs layered underneath the sleeves! Brilliant!
  128. Love my babylegs. When at home, I love to keep my little one in his onsie with his baby legs on. Makes it super simple to do diaper changes without having to get his legs cold!
  129. I love babylegs because I have 3 girls from 3 months - 7 years old and they can share them all without having to buy different sizes for each kid and they are so cute!
  130. I am addicted to Baby Legs. Maelle was born in August and is my 3rd child. I have never even heard of Baby Legs before her. I have fallen in love! They travel with me on a daily basis! I use cloth diapers and they are a perfect accessory with them! Also, I love putting onesies on her, so they go with them perfectly. In the last 3 months I have accumulated over 10 Baby Legs. Although this is not a lot...I have to stop myself everytime I see them. I WOULD buy them all if I could afford to! Oh how I would love this gift certificate.... Oh how I swoon Baby Legs!!!
  131. Love my babylegs. When at home, I love to keep my little one in his onsie with his baby legs on. Makes it super simple to do diaper changes without having to get his legs cold!
  132. We just received our first three pairs of BabyLegs this week and we love them! They protect our new crawler's legs and they make diaper changes a cinch! And, along with my baby boy's cloth diapers, they make for incredibly simple, yet delightfully cute outfits!
  133. What is not to love? They are soooo convenient and sooooo adorable!!
  134. BabyLegs are perhaps the cutest baby accessory and necessity available! I waited for ages before getting them for my son, because my husband thought they were too feminine. WE LOVE them now! We put them on my son underneath his pants during our cold winter months in Canada and around the house. LOVE THEM!!!
  135. All of my kids love baby legs. The big kids (aged 11, 9 and 7) love them as arm warmers. They make potty training a bit easier for the little boys ;)
  136. We don't have any baby legs yet:(. But my daughter loves to accessorize now. She loves hats, gloves, jewelry. I think baby legs will be a warm fun way to add color and keep her cozy.
  137. Regular tights can be so limiting for little kids, especially my daughter who always has a hard time pulling them up after a potty break!! Babylegs make it so much easier!! Would love to get more!
  138. I don't have BabyLegs yet, but seeing Jane's drawer is making me lust after them like crazy! I love how she lined them up so perfectly by color and can't wait to put some on my little one when he/she arrives in May!
  139. We LOVE babylegs. It was actually my FIRST ever steal!!!!! We use babylegs everywhere we go, around the house, out at the park any in the mall. they are VERY handy :) MUST keep a pair in my diaper bag at all times!!
  140. We only have a few but i love using them as an extra layer to keep my kids warm :) My 3 year old still loves to wear her "warm legs" (as she calls them) when ever its the least bit cold out side!
  141. I've always wanted to try these--I cloth diaper, and I know these would look so cute with my little one's diapered bum.
  142. Both my 3 year old daughter and 7 month old son use babylegs. Since we stay at home and play in the house most of the time (esp. since it is Winter), baby legs keeps my kiddos warm but allow quick diaper changes and help with my 3 year old potty training. And best of all they are CUTE!
  143. I love to dress my son in a onesie and baby legs. Diaper changes are so much easier when you don't have to deal with pants!
  144. I learned about babylegs from your site and so far I have a couple pairs of warmers and a couple pairs of the footless tights. I love to pair Chloe in them with a dress, skirt or whatever! She gets so many compliments when she wears them!! They also make great stocking stuffers! Santa is bringing her 7 or 8 new pairs!!
  145. I might be a little bit obsessed with Babylegs! My daughter's not even 10 months old yet, and she has a ton of Babylegs already. They're easy to match with pretty much any outfit and they're so great for each holiday! I love all the patterns, prints, and colors, and I love to create fun and trendy outfits for my little girl. And they're so useful for California's finicky weather - one minute it's cold, the next it's warm. I definitely see more Babylegs in our future. Oh, and the tights and socks are fantastic too!
  146. Ive just newly been introduced to baby legs. My sons lower legs were always showing when we carryied him around, or in his carseat. We picked up one pair to see if they worked the way we wanted them too-they were AWESOME! They did exactly what we wanted. It is also nice having them under his clothes just for some extra warmth during chilly days. And the collection of baby legs are now growing. What a fabulous creation!!
  147. I dont have any babylegs but would really love some for my daughter she is a really long baby so she grows out of her clothes faster length wise then width wise and it would be a great solution to pjs at night so that way im not going out and buying $100 worth of pjs every month and her growing out of them within a month.
  148. I love Babylegs,I usually see them everyday,I have a DayCare called Cradles to Crayons and have 17 children attend on and off through the month..I ask they parents to leave an extra outfit,a pair of Robeez,and a pair of babylegs for the chilling mornings,snowy days and for the younger ones playing in the grass outside..50 pairs would sure get used here.......... Allison
  149. My daughter has developmental delays and babylegs have been great for us. How? She was a crawler for a REALLY long time... a year and a half, prefering crawling (even on cement!!) to walking. With her trusty little pair of pink ribbed babylegs on, she could go anywhere and not scratch up her knees. Finally, after an ear surgery this summer where ear fluid was drained and tubes were placed, she started walking! The evening of the surgery after the sedative wore off!! And not only do babylegs make a fab product (all the colors! the styles! and socks and tights, too!!!), they also are a great company. I can't say enough great things about them! Great customer service, great charity work, and (shhh!!) GREAT SALES!! We love our babylegs for sure!!
  150. My daughter sleeps in a sleeveless sleeping bag at night. I put babylegs on her arm to keep her warm at night
  151. We cloth diaper, so pants that fit over them are really hard to find. We don't have any BabyLegs yet, but I'd love to have a good supply so we can use skirts or dresses this winter and quit fighting to get a fluffy bum into pants! Plus they're just too cute.
  152. I love to throw on a pair of BabyLegs with a t-shirt when my daughter and I are having a day at home. They are also fantastic put on under a pair of jeans for a little extra warmth when we are out and about!
  153. I am so in LOVE with BabyLegs. My little guy just looks so handsome in them. They are perfect for quick and easy diaper changes and he's on the cusp of crawling so his little knees will be covered too!
  154. Living in freezing cold Winnipeg, we found that they were ideal for the gap between socks and pants that happened every time my daughter rode in her stroller. Baby legs under the pants are so much better then tights, since they don't interfere with diaper changes- plus they look super cute poking out! We love our super-soft rainbow ones.
  155. I just had my daughter 2 weeks ago and bought my first 2 pairs of babylegs for her.....I am so excited to put them on her as soon as we are out of the newborn onesies and her belly button is healed!! They are the cutest thing ever!!!
  156. I love them on my baby's legs in the summers. It keeps her warm in the cool air conditioning. Plus, they make diaper changes a snap!
  157. I love how easy diaper changes become with Babylegs!
  158. the first time i saw babylegs and how innovative they can be, i was hooked!! My daughter has been using it since she was 6 months. I just love them and make sure that i have extra pairs in my diaper bag. It isn't a struggle changing diapers. Now that my daughter is 2, she would choose her own clothes to wear most of the time and with babylegs, she would always love to wear them. I was so impressed with babylegs that i have been giving them as gifts to my friends.
  159. Baby legs are so easy and convenient. We have alot of summer outfits that were handed down so now that it's cooler I put kenadee in baby legs so we can still get use out of these great outfits.
  160. My grand daughter is absolutly obsessed with tights and anything that makes her feel like a princess...with babylegs she can express herself and be an individual!! love them!
  161. My son is long and skinny so alot of the pants that are long enough for him are too big in the waist so these are nice to keep his legs warm. He also finds his feet so much more fun when the pants come off and now that it is cold I can slip these on to help.
  162. just starting our collection but love them so far...
  163. I don't own any yet but want some b/c my baby, due in April, is going to be cloth diapered & I think baby legs are so cute.
  164. Sadly I do not yet own any :( I have been wanting to get some for a while, especially since it is getting so cold outside. I just haven't had the $$ to buy them, so I really hope I win!
  165. I would love to score these for my little 1 year old daughter! She has one pair (we can't afford more at this time) and she loves wearing them with a tshirt :) I also have a 3 month old son who will also like to wear the neutral colors! Thanks you Babysteals for always hosting such great give aways :)
  166. I love the idea of BabyLegs, but I have yet to find a pair for my son! The BLs would be great up here in Canada where things are a little chilly!!!! Places we'd take our BLs would be to my parents farm and on camping trips. The BLs would be perfect for our growing boys!!
  167. The first time I bought them was at a local boutique which ha a "golden ticket" giveaway. I opened up the package and won another free pair! They look cute on girls but my boys are rocking the flame ones and the leg bone ones.
  168. We have such a hard time trying to find pants that fit over my 2 year old's cloth diapers...any pants that do fit at the waist are way too long! so babylegs were the best discovery ever for us, especially in the summer. Every day you can find her out in the garden with her cloth diaper and babylegs on. Our newborn also loves the cow babylegs and will sit and look at her babylegs for at least 15 minutes at a time! (this is a very long time in baby world!)
  169. My first job right out of high school was in a baby boutique that sold baby legs. They were my absolute favorite product! They are an awesome "add on" product for someone who just wanted something else small for a gift. Ever since I quit working there, I keep a stash for all the baby showers I go to. Now that my husband and I are getting ready to start our family, I'm keeping all of my favorite patterns. My absolute favorite is the argyle prints! :)
  170. I absolutely love BabyLegs. I think it was the first thing I bought on baby steals! I always keep a pair in my daughters diaper bag and I love them with a jean skirt. I also brought about 5 pairs with us when we went on vacation in mexico. They were perfect to throw on at night when it got cooler and helped protect my munchkins legs from mosquitos.
  171. This past summer, we travelled from Alberta, Canada down to Oregon, USA. My daughter was over a year but still not walking. We camped in Oregon and thus babylegs were put on her daily. They saved her knees from the rocks, wood chips, pine needles, etc. that were all over the camp site. Another thing I love about babylegs is that they have such great designs! Plain black or white tights can get so boring! I love to pair some fun babylegs with my daughters dresses.
  172. We keep a pair in the diaper bag and in my car at all times! We wear them under short sleeve shirts, under pants, as tights and when we are visiting family with hard wood floors! I would love this so I can have a pair to match every outfit!!!
  173. I just love mean my daughter's babylegs. Super cute and they fit just right. Since I always have a pair with me on more than one occasion I have used them to wipe my daughter's extremely snotty nose when I was out of wipes. Super soft on the nose too!
  174. We love BabyLegs! I love them most in the early summer when we're gone for the whole day. It's too cool for shorts in the morning, but too hot for pants in the afternoon, so all 3 of my kids (almost 3 year old girl and 15 month old twins) get decked out in shorts and BabyLegs in the morning before we leave! We also loved them when potty training our daughter.
  175. i had heard of BabyLegs, but didn't make the plunge to buy any until the organic set of 5 was on Babysteals back in the spring. We now own about 30 pairs, and I LOVE them! I love that you don't have to take off baby's pants during a diaper change if he's wearing them, and that he can spend time diaper free (but warm!) to help clear up his diaper rash. I love that they have awesome ones for boys (Pirates?! Argyle?! Spiders???? AGHH so CUTE!) because it's hard to find cute boy things. But I love them most of all because my son is tiny (way down into the 3rd % for weight). At just about 11 months, he is the size of a 50% 4 month old. we cloth diaper, though, so his butt is huge :) You can imagine how hard it is to find fitting pants. But Babylegs solve the problem!
  176. I love baby legs, and keep some in my diaper bag. I use them on the babe for Salsa Babies class. They go great with my cloth diapers too! I also think they make a great gift :)
  177. They worked wonders on potty training in February when it was chilly here in California (well, too cold to go bare bottom and pantless!)
  178. We love Baby Legs! They make going to the bathroom an easy and independent experience for our three year old daughter. Our son wears them under his pants in the winter for added warmth.
  179. So I think we may already have $600 worth of BabyLegs, j/k! You can never have enough! We like to use them as cute leggings under skirts, under pants in cold weather and actually use them as semi-gloves too since my lo hates having her fingers covered. We love BabyLegs!
  180. We just bought our first BabyLegs. We're loving them to help keep my sons legs warm as he's potty training. He doesn't have to worry about pulling down his pants or getting them wet. All he has to do is go sit on his potty. The best part is...It's Working! Love it! With 2 more kids (at least) to go this would be wonderful so we don't have to fight over them anymore. :)
  181. My DS loves to jump in his jumperoo but his legs were always getting chilly! So I slap a pair of BL on him and problem solved! Plus they add a touch of cuteness to any outfit!
  182. We don't have any babylegs yet. We bought 6 pairs of babylegs socks that my little girl wears almost everynight to bed. She looks in her sock drawer to pick and always picks the baby legs sock first. My little girl would love to own some babylegs, tights and of course, more socks, and I'm sure her big sister would also love to pick some out to wear to her new ballet class.
  183. My daughter was in Cloth diapers. Baby legs were perfect because I could keep her little legs protected and warm while letting her run around and show off her cute little diapers! HUGE Babylegs love over here! Now that we are expecting baby #2, we'll need twice as many baby legs!
  184. Ayla does not have any BabyLegs yet but at 7 weeks old & the winter air beginning to chill we'd love these adorable Legs!
  185. I love babylegs! I use them often with my son, especially when I'm wearing him in the baby carrier. His pants always end up pulling up and his legs get exposed, but babylegs keep him covered. Also love them during those in-between seasons, when shorts are great during the day but it's still chilly in the mornings or evenings. Babylegs keep him covered when needed, and pull right off when not.
  186. I use Babylegs everyday for my 3 year old and my 6 month old daughters. My 3 year old wears them both as arm warmers and as another layer under her pants. I also use them as an underlayer for my 6 year old, as we live in Yellowknife, NT, we need all the layers we can get lol. Love Babylegs!!
  187. I purchased a few Babylegs at a garage sale before I really knew what they were... I just thought that they were cute! After using them, I decided that there were one of the many must-haves for my little girl! They're cute, convienent, makes diaper changes easy, and did I mention cute?!? They allow us to use all of our cute dresses longer... even in our chilly Wisconsin winter months!
  188. Babylegs saved the day at Disneyland!! We were doing our first day at Disneyland with my 2 yr old son. He got a stomach bug that day and was having diarhhea (sorry for being graphic) every HOUR!! His pants only made through the first hr. I was in the bathroom frantic fir something to put on my son so we could finish our day without going to the hotel!! Babylegs to the rescue!! I stuffed a new pair in my bag before we left but hadn't had a chance to use them. Not only was my son comfortable and warm throught the chilly night but it made the next 5 changes in the park super easy. We got stopped dozen of times for compliments on his adorable leggings. Bonus- all our pictures from the trip has my son rockin' a cloth diaper and babylegs. I never leave home without a pair and started to give them out as gifts.
  189. BabyLegs are PERFECT for Ca weather! I just slip on a pair in the summer evening and she is warmer but not to warm :)
  190. I love them for my 6th month old at the park in the mornings until it got warm enough to take off. She's hot blooded so sleeps in only a onesie and in the morning when we get up I put them in to keep her warm. I also put them on my 4 year old to keep him from scratching his eczema
  191. I got a pair as a shower gift, and LOVE them! There are so many cute colors and patterns, it's hard not to buy a pair to match everything she owns!
  192. I hear so much about Baby Legs and how great they are. I'd love to try some when my little one gets here in January.
  193. My little girl was born three pounds and after we left our month long stay in the hospital we arrived home and she hated haveing her feet touch.Since the nurse took blood from her little feet putting socks on her was a nightmare she would scream if you even got close to her feet to one of my friends bought her a pair of babylegs we put those on her and she was so small they hung over her little feet . Thank god no more melt downs . Babylegs saved us tons of tears
  194. Eleanor is long and slim. I use babylegs instead of leggings or tights and they are always the right fit, and stay on!
  195. We just got our first pair of BabyLegs for our 9 month old daughter and LOVE them! I love how they look on her chunky little legs! We will definitely be getting more...and it would be even better if we won them!
  196. My kids are both skinny and tall which can make finding pant that fit, both around the waist and in length, tricky (although Dapper Snapper have definitely helped). So I use BabyLegs a lot as leg warmers because then I don't have to worry about them fitting around the waist or trying to put a belt on my kids.
  197. I am fairly new to babylegs, and wished I had them when my daughter was crawling. We live in Oklahoma and the saying is if you don't like the weather give it a minute. One day it is freezing and the next sweltering. I love babylegs, because I can put them on my daughter when it's chilly out in the morning and I don't have to deal with tights, or if it was warm during the daytime and we have been gone all day, I can put them on and she's warm when it has cooled down. My daughter is a little princess and wears a lot of dresses. She hates anything on her legs, and she loves these. She calls them her pretties. She will point to them and say pretty, and you best look, because she will get louder and louder until you do. Even my hubby thinks they are super handy and cute.
  198. A friend showed me the BabyLegs facebook page, and I thought it was such a cute idea. My first order was for 6 pairs. I realized that not only are they adorable, but they make changing diapers super easy. I placed my first order around Halloween, and now my little princess has a drawer full. Even my hubby loves BabyLegs. He will fell her legs and tell me that her legs are cold, and she needs to put on some BabyLegs! LOL!
  199. My middle child hates wearing clothing. It isnt a problem for him to run naked during the summer but now that it has cooled down and he still refuses to leave clothing on baby legs are helping keep him warmer. My oldest loves her baby legs and so does the baby even if he cant express it yet :)
  200. I use mine over the shoulder straps of my stroller. It not only makes the straps not dig into my little one, but I can also personalize the straps depending on my mood or the season!
  201. My son decided to pick out his own pj's last week. He picked his rocket shirt, blue space shorts, cowboy boot slippers, and to top it all off his green stripped BabyLegs. So cute and too funny!!
  202. My #1 newborn necessity! My baby girl is only a month old, but she has worn BabyLegs nearly everyday of her life. They are a little huge on her, but she doesn't mind! And I know she'll be able to keep wearing them for years to come, so I feel better buying BabyLegs, rather than lots of newborn clothes she'll only wear for a few weeks. They allow us to keep the rest of her wardrobe simple, but still totally cute. Love our BabyLegs, and will now be giving them to every pregnant gal I know!
  203. I dont have any yet but would like some. I'm cloth diapering my second son from birth and now that its cold I would like some to go on his legs for easy diaper changes at home. I have also heard they are good for putting on arms when they are sleeping to keep them warm. I only have sleeveless sleep sacks and my poor guys hands are cold every morning.
  204. I started ordering BabyLegs for my 3rd son while I was still pregnant. I intended to only use them on him but when my 3 year old son saw some soccer ones I ordered he fell in love. He wore them on his arms and would not take them off even though it was the middle of summer! It made me realize how versatile they really are!
  205. I don't have a story but a drawer full sure would make one heck of one! I could have used some today with Kailee's dress- as there was a chill in the air & tights just don't do the job- especially survive daycare :o)
  206. I mainly use babylegs for my baby girl. They are great under skirts or with a onesie or plain diaper, and make diaper changes a snap. However, we live in Colorado and frequently go camping in the summer. The mountains get very cold at night. I normally put a pair of thermal pants under my two-year-old son's jeans at night. This year, I used baby legs under the jeans instead. That had to be more comfortable than wearing two pairs of pants. Plus, when it was time for a change in the tent, his little legs didn't have to freeze while I changed his diaper. I can't say enough good things about babylegs!
  207. I gave a pair of them to my mom after she got hurt at work. She has a scar and was getting laser treatments on it, but she was not supposed to let it get any sun. BabyLegs worked perfectly! I love giving BabyLegs as gifts too. Every mom I have given them to has been so excited! And of course my two daughters (ages 2 and 8) both wear them whenever they get a chance. It's one of my favorite parts of winter :)
  208. I didn't discover babylegs until I discovered babysteals...I wish I had known about them before. They are super cute with my daughter's skirts and now in winter we are wearing them under pants for extra warmth. So much easier for her to go potty without the layer of tights under pants!
  209. I don't own any yet but would love to start buying some for my first. =) They are so cute and come in all different colors and designs. Perfect for boys or girls, and all ages! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!