On July 5, 2016, Canada Post issued a 72-hour notice to the
Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

Updates about the potential service disruption can be found on the Canada Post website here.


Steals.com is taking measures to minimize any impact to deliveries and ensure that you can still get your Steals! 

In anticipation of this potential service disruption, we have taken proactive action and are using UPS to deliver packages to UPS access points. It is important to note that UPS cannot deliver to PO Boxes or very rural areas, so please be sure to enter a physical or alternate shipping address to ensure UPS can deliver your package to an access point closest to you.

Once your package is delivered, you will receive an email, from UPS, notifying you of the delivery and the location.

Thank you for your patience!
Sending Joy!


Here's what you need to know if a lockout happens:


Can I drop off mail?

Most Canada Post outlets will be closed if a lockout happens and though rural postal outlets, which operate under a different union, will be open, they won't be accepting or delivering mail.


What will be delivered?

Only mail deemed "essential" by the government will still be delivered on the 20th of each month.  

The essentials are socio-economic cheques, such as child tax benefits, disability benefits, Old Age Security Pension, Canada Pension Plan benefits and benefits for veterans.


What about online shopping?

Steals.com is keeping a very close eye on the situation and will be using alternate carriers where necessary to deliver your Steal.


What about other government services?

The federal government encourages people to set up direct deposit for payment for employment insurance and tax payments/refunds.

Service Canada's website states that clients who can't sign up for direct deposit for employment insurance can call to have a cheque re-issued. Service Canada doesn't state that the delivery of EI cheques is guaranteed.

"All other payments, including those to businesses, will not be delivered until regular Canada Post operations resume," the government states. 

Mail sent to or from the Canada Revenue Agency also will not be delivered, but people are still required to file or make payments on time, the CRA states on its website.  

Individual provinces have plans to distribute provincial cheques by courier, or by letting people pick them up. For example, in Alberta, critical cheques haven't been put in the mail since June 27 and alternative arrangements have been made. In Ontario, some cheques will go out by courier and others will need to be picked up.

Provincial governments are also reminding users not to send renewals for driver's licences or health cards through the mail.