Exclusive BabyLegs Contest Entries

  1. Emily ~ An easier question would be- what don't I use them for. Everything!
  2. Kendra ~ They are fantastic!
  3. tamara bell ~ I love them for diaper changes. So easy!
  4. Erin Robbins ~ Love them for easier diaper changes.
  5. Amber Olsom ~ I dont have any yet but we are just begining to potty train so Id use them to keep his legs warm this winter while we potty train
  6. Sara Reynolds ~ I don't have any, but my son's between pant sizes right now, and it'd be awesome to have something to see him through the transition. I hate seeing his little bare ankles showing when I pick him up, when it's so cold outside!
  7. Diana Obremsky ~ They're super adorable, easy, with cloth diapers it's awesome to show off the diaper but keep the legs covered, all the highlights they point out....just full of awesome! :)
  8. Natasha Hoyer ~ My daughter and son both have babylegs... I love them for extra warmth or that cuteness factor to complete any outfit!
  9. Chelsea Curran ~ I love how easy they are and how great they are for protecting babys legs when crawling!
  10. Racehl larson ~ I love them for my baby. He is a maniac crawler and the baby legs keep his knees scrape free! We live in San Diego where it is almost always shorts season so we have a few airs of baby legs to keep his legs nice and smooth.
  11. Allison schones ~ So easy for diaper changes! Also love them under skirts and dresses. They make summer clothes last all winter long!
  12. April Powers ~ I love them for layering under pants in the winter, for potty training, and for cuteness. ;-)
  13. Kate Mozingo ~ I would use them for arm warmers for me, and leg warmers for my toddler son! :)
  14. Stacey Ratliff ~ Oh my goodness I LOVE my baby legs! We use them as a fashion statement under skirts and tutus, to keep legs warm in winter, and for dance class. I have 2 girls and just LOVE my baby legs!
  15. yusnida ~ use them as legwarmers for my 2 year-old girl as she hates wearing her they are footless socks...
  16. elisabeth vanden heuvel ~ They make diaper changes easy, and look sososo cute on my DS!
  17. Julie Liening ~ I love them because they are so fun for my daughter - they work well for diapers when traveling and just got some for my niece for potty training. My son wore them this weekend underneath his pants for ice skating. They are just so versatile, and the many uses are adding many years - which you can't really say about any clothing!
  18. Jennifer Simons ~ I love them because they allow me to get extra use out of our fall/spring clothes because I can just add some BabyLegs and my daughter can still wear her favorite skirt, even if it is 50 degrees out. I also think they make a great accessory and I adore putting my youngest in just a onsie and BabyLegs. People always ask me where I got them :)
  19. Stephanie Umpleby ~ I love them when we have a huge change in weather during the day - were you need "pants" and long sleeves in the morning and shorts and short sleeves in the afternoon. I also like them instead of tights on my fluffy reared daughter :)
  20. Amanda McBride ~ I love them because they fit our sons son well. And they are the only ones that actually stay up.
  21. Vivian Wong ~ I put BabyLegs under regular pants and keep my little one warm all winter!!
  22. Cassandra ~ I love BabyLegs because they make diaper changes a breeze, keep little legs warm as an extra layer and are great for babywearing to prevent the gap between pant leg and sock.
  23. Dani Blake ~ I keep a pair of babylegs in my backpack and car just in case I need them anywhere. We use them at disney when it gets chilly on my kids legs in the stroller. My oldest still loves his fuzzy ones best and would wear them every week if I let him!
  24. Mariyana Petrova ~ They are so cute and practical!
  25. Janice Kampman ~ I have regular babylegs as well as the summer cool babylegs. I loved the summer ones for my crawler to protect her knees but not overheat her. I also love babylegs for spring or fall days when a layer needs to be added or subtracted depending on how the day is going.
  26. Amanda Tangedal ~ We have BabyLegs and I love them because they are so versatile, both arms or both legs, one arm or one leg:) We also found out that they can cover an arm cast really well, so it was no longer just a boring arm cast!
  27. Kerry Harrington ~ I have a baby girl due in 3.5 weeks and can't wait to dress her up in baby legs! I've already purchased my first pair, and I'd love to add to my stash.
  28. Beth Rees ~ I don't have any, but would love them for both of my kids. It would be nice to have one set of baby legs for both of my kids to have a quick change of clothes!
  29. KENDRA KELLER ~ They make diaper changes so much easier!
  30. Sheena LaRose ~ I love them because they keep my little mr.'s knees from getting carpet burn when he is racing around!
  31. Leann ~ Have had 2 babies...Baby Legs is great to use under dresses, and for floor playtime while in a onesie.
  32. Kelly Sherman ~ I LOVE Babylegs because they work perfect with my daughters leg braces and are so functional for us.
  33. Britni Rhodes ~ We love babylegs! They are the best especially when babies start crawling!
  34. Lyndal ~ I love babylegs for my little guy because they make diaper changes so quick and easy. And I love them for my big guy because they make an essential extra layer for our cold Canadian winters.
  35. Julie Robicheau ~ I have a couple Babylegs and I love to use them when my baby crawls on the floor and also when it is winter to put them under a pair of pants to keep those legs warm.
  36. Alyson Diaz ~ We love our BabyLegs. I have 3 kids and my older two have both used them threw scooting and crawling. We have a 2 month old who will surly be in need of some new BabyLegs! Such a great quality product! Thanks Kidsteals!!
  37. Denise Herman ~ My little girl is 6 months old and wears her babylegs almost every day! I love the simplicity of them paired with a onesie and they are SOOO cute! I started out with just a couple pairs from Babysteals and now we have 8 pairs! I'm addicted to BabyLegs!! Can't wait to see these new designs when we win! :)
  38. Megan Billigen ~ I love them! They make CD so much easier! (Plus its addicting to match them to outfits!)
  39. Leah Mitchell ~ I have never used BabyLegs before but I have a baby boy on the way and would LOVE to have some for him!! They look like a great product!
  40. Jenny Mitchell ~ They are great for crawlers.
  41. Christina Walsh ~ We have babylegs. I love that they have so many uses and can be used at any age. We put them under clothes for warmth, and are currently using them for potty training our toddler.
  42. Jana Siljak ~ Have never had babylegs! But think they would be wonderful for our miserable winters :)
  43. Patty ~ I love being able to put them on with short sleeve shirts to keep my sons arms warm
  44. melanie skolovy ~ ohmy!! Why do we LOVE babylegs? How do I count thee ways ;) There is no end to the possibilities with Babylegs: on legs under a dress, on arms on either boy or girl (or mama or daddy for that matter), on legs under pants so legs don't get cold in baby carrier, to be worn with just a diaper and shirt when potty training, to be worn over pants/tights... and don't even get me started on which pattern is the best! If I had my way (and the $$) my kids would have one of each pattern and colour ;) LOVE!
  45. Meghan ~ I love our baby legs! They come in handy for the WHOLE family on our hiking, camping and beach trips! From my 2year old, 9 month old and myself!! Love how versatile they are!!!
  46. Janice Tofsrud ~ Evreything you said! Easy nighttime diaper changes, potty training, keeping warm in our cold Edmonton winters!
  47. Katie McLean ~ I love using them for quick layering!
  48. Nicole Radawetz ~ LOVE them!! They have so many uses, in place of tights, ease of my daughter going to the potty by herself....and most of all...for being so cute!!
  49. Shelley ~ Love them for cloth diapering, and under the pants as extra pertection in the winter. I even love wearing them on my arms when I am babywearing, that way if I gwt warm i can pull them off to cool off.
  50. Trisena Holst ~ Would love to have them for under boy capris and as arm warmers.
  51. Katie Fix ~ They are the best quick adjustment to an outfit available!! I adore how quickly I can either add to or subtract from an outfit depending on the weather. All of the cute prints make accessorizing so easy too! I love pairing them with a skirt or dress on my daughter or under a tshirt for instant sleeves. Easy to pull a diaper on and off with -- no bulky pants getting in the way! Also great for potty training-- no bulky pants getting in the way! My daughter asks to wear her "babies" daily, no matter what else has been pulled from the closet.
  52. Sara Larson ~ I got two of them from Baby steals for my new baby girl last summer, and she's pretty much outgrown them; so I really need new ones! I sure hope I win!
  53. Abby Bryan ~ Love our baby legs, great for potty training my toddler, and my baby who just started crawling--its protects his little knees on our hardwood floors.
  54. Carrie Thompson ~ I love them as leg warmers and armwarmers for me and my kids!
  55. Amanda Smith ~ Love that they keep my little boy warm but allow me to easily change his diaper!
  56. Jennifer Blomquist ~ I love that they work for ages infant to at least 3 yrs old and more! Plus they are perfect to keep in the diaper bag when you need just a little more warmth.
  57. Lori Percy ~ we love them for everything!!! under skirts so you don't have to bother with full leotards, for easy potty training and diaper changes and just because they're so darn cute :)
  58. joni kwong ~ we have babylegs and have loved them from day one (thanks BS for introducing us to them!) we use them mainly at night when it gets a little chilly to cover little arms and keep them warm. they're also a staple in the diaper bag for trips to the grocery store (it's california, my son wears shorts year round, but it's cold in the stores) and for covering up when mom forgets to bring the sunscreen. they also had a quick stint as a strolller strap cover when we took our back up, broken down stroller on vacation! ;)
  59. Shawna True ~ "My tween loves them for her arms...after her little sister used them for her legs!! "
  60. Becky Johnson ~ I have never tried BabyLegs, but would like too. They would be great for potty training.I was also thinking just under my little ones pants to help keep him warm.
  61. Melissa Raimondi ~ "Have them, love them and use them always! Great for when the day gets colder just toss them on legs or arms. Great colors/patterns, wide assortment Good for boys or girls! Wish they came in adult sizes to...would be great under pants in the winter! "
  62. Molly ~ Fit kids of so many sizes and wash well
  63. Kara Peterson ~ Love them for my 16 month old- makes diaper changes easier and love using them as an extra layer.
  64. Amber ~ I don't have any baby legs but I hear nothing but good things about them!! Im about to give birth to my 3rd child. And my babies are always super long!!! So if I win this and get some baby legs, he could actually come home in a cute onsie an some baby legs!! Since nothing else fits my babies right when they are first born. Please pick me =)
  65. catherine mathews ~ I lova them for stretching summer outfits into fall.
  66. Jason Kwong ~ my wife uses them for everything, covering our son's arms with the sleepsack, grocery store trips, the park, she even wears them herself. they're very handy!
  67. carrie sheldon ~ Love to cute exciting new cloths on my little girl! She would look so cute in them! Hope we win!!
  68. Anna ~ I love changing diapers when my son is wearing Babylegs! SO EASY! They also keep his legs warm when I'm carrying him! They come in so many fun designs too!
  69. Bonnie ~ They jazz up an outfit. They keep legs warm. The really do make diaper changes easier.
  70. Heidi Wacker ~ we love them as leg warmers for my bigger little one at dance and gymnastics and for easy ECing and potty training.
  71. Jessica Stell ~ I love them because my kiddos LOVE them! :)
  72. Megan Stout ~ I love babylegs because it means I don't have to put away my girls cute skirts or short sleeves for these cold winter months! Just add some to thier legs or arms and they are ready to go, with a cute "pop" to their outfit!
  73. Haley Dickerson ~ They are fashionable, and protect my crawling baby's knees.
  74. emmanuela maniulit ~ they are the cutest thing ever.
  75. Leilani ~ I love them because they add an extra special something to my daughter's wardrobe. She loves picking out a pair to wear with her outfits, even though they don't always match. :)
  76. Julie Lefebvre ~ I love baby legs, my daughter wears them with skirts and dresses and they look so cute! I always give a pair with every baby gift I buy! Now a ton of my friends yes them for their little chicklets too!
  77. Laura ~ I LOVE baby legs!! Perfect for crawling and keeping warm without pant during our cold MN winters!
  78. Kim ~ They are super cute. They keep babies warm and are fashionable.
  79. Lindsay Young ~ We love using babylegs to extend the life of shorts, as extra warmth under pants, as armwarmers under short sleeves, and to pair up with a onesie for easy dressing/changes! We LOVE babylegs!
  80. ERIN SCOTT ~ I have tried other brands and am looking foward to trying out BabyLegs!
  81. Stephanie straka ~ "I love using them as a base layer for my little guy. Protects his legs from the cold in the winter when his pants ride up. "
  82. Monique ~ I love them because they make my baby look stylin'!
  83. Mariah Quin ~ I LOVE Babylegs (who wouldn't;) because they make skirts possible year round and they are way cuter than most tights you can find out there (and my baby won't grow out of Babylegs like she would tights...I have a 7 year old, 6 year old and an 8 month old that all wear the same ones!)
  84. Jen Nixon ~ I love BabyLegs because they're warm and cute and I get compliments on them everytime I have them on my girl!
  85. Lindsay Cyr ~ I love Babylegs for my daughter because they are so easy to put on and make diaper changes so much faster! Also they are very stylish!
  86. R. Leanne Labelle ~ They come in every color!! They make even plain outfits "pop"...and keep whatever they cover perfectly cozy :)
  87. natalie ~ i love them for the cute designs and how just about every pair goes so well with multiple outfits..
  88. Jennifer Martel ~ Easy diaper changes. Easy extra outfit with a onesie to keep in diaper bag. Mostly one f the only accessories for boys!!!
  89. Lena Anderson ~ they are too cute!
  90. Nikki Stelmak ~ "We love them for our baby when it's not warm enough for bare legs and not cool enough for pants, and they will be great for crawling knees. Also, my 3 year old daughter loves to wear them on her arms :) "
  91. Erin Marshall ~ They are simply a life saver for new crawling babies, potty training toddlers, or simply a cute addition to a child's outfit. My toddler wear's them as well as my 6yr old still wears the same pairs she wore as a baby. Can't say that about any other article of clothing!
  92. Kelley Gelnar ~ I would love to try Babylegs because I have never used them before and I have a 10 month old daughter who is very squirmy during diaper changes. It would be nice not to have to put her in pants all of the time.
  93. courtney bryan ~ wonderful for layering, protecting knees, and changing diapers. sooo cute too
  94. Barbara Henning ~ We love BabyLegs because all three of my kids can wear them, age 20 months to 6 years! They're great for the early spring and fall for when it gets a little chilly, diaper changes are so much easier, especially when the baby's "sick". Love them!
  95. Jannell Wheeler ~ We love them here in AZ because they are so much more easier to take on and off in the crazy weather than pants. And oh soo much cuter!
  96. Christina Harmelin ~ I have like 4 or 5 pairs for my little girl. They are great for showing off the cloth diapers and for diaper changes as well.
  97. Toni Bryan ~ I love that my little guy can wear a t-shirt and baby legs and I have access to change his diaper.
  98. Kathy Tindle ~ I love baby legs! I love how easy they are to use and that I can just put those on for quick diaper changes
  99. Dayna Janicki ~ "I love them because they can improve any outfit. They are also the greatest accessory when potty training in the winter:)"
  100. Mary Edwards ~ We have tons of BL and we use them for everything. I wear them on my arms, Our toddler wears them on her arms and legs. They are amazing for a extra layer under pants in the winter too.
  101. Kathryn C ~ We use under skirts in the fall/spring and in the winter we use them as arm warmers especially during skating practice
  102. Whitney Marr ~ My son just started crawling and they are protecting his legs and keeping them warm! Easy diaper changes for mama too!
  103. Dina Solnit ~ I love them because they make changing diapers so much easier. I love that kids can wear them on their arms or legs. I actually wore my daughter's pink ones when I did the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in San Francisco this year to fight off the cold.
  104. Shannon Walters ~ The biggest reason I love baby legs is that they are functional. I can use them in any type of weather with any outfit. I put them under pants in the winter and under a pair of shorts on cool summer days. Plus they are just fun!
  105. Jill Gant ~ We use them for everything but I love putting them under my daughter's skirts. They are cute but easier than wearing full tights.
  106. Terri Sincyr ~ Great for cold weather diaper changes on the go. And it allows my older daughter to wear her beloved t-shirts in colder weather without a bulky shirt underneith
  107. Megan Jarvis ~ "We love babylegs in this house!! My daughter who is 11 months old wears them daily to look absolutely adorable and protect her sweet little knees while crawling. My son who is 3 wears them at home because it is easier for him to use the big-boy potty on his own since he is still having a hard time pulling his pants up and down. This way his legs stay nice and warm and he only has to pull up and down his undies :)"
  108. Angelia Terrell ~ "We only have one pair and we use them instead of stockings for church. Would love to have some more =) "
  109. Allison Connor ~ BabyLegs keep my baby's legs warm without the hassle of tights! Yea! Love them!!
  110. Carrie Burns ~ We love babylegs as arm warmers!
  111. Britta McNish ~ Lots of choices and colors to choose from!
  112. melissa pelletier ~ keep legs and arms warm in cool fall and winter in canada
  113. Robyn Lemay ~ They extend the life of my baby's summer outfits and dresses without having to mess with the dreaded TIGHTS!! :)
  114. Christina Pratt ~ I love babylegs for their diapering convience, the ability to add warmth without adding bulk and their fun prints and styles!
  115. Kristin Wheeler ~ My daughters collection of BabyLegs are super convenient since we cloth diaper. Plus they protect her legs, and are just SO cute!! Everywhere we go we get complimented on them :)
  116. Helen Strickler ~ I just got my first pair of newborn size BabyLegs for my preemie twins to wear when they come home from the NICU!
  117. meredith robison ~ My 12 month old would love them to keep warm!
  118. Elise Enfield ~ I love BabyLegs because they are great for living in Southern California, where the weather changes from cold to hot very quickly. BabyLegs make it so easy for me to layer clothes for my daughter and take them off when needed. Plus they are so cute they go with so many outfits she has!
  119. sarah ~ love how they accent an outfit and keep baby warm! AND protect her knees when learning to crawl!
  120. Misty Dawn Wilkinson ~ My favorite thing about them is they help me extend my daughter's wardrobe, she mostly wears skirts and dresses and they make it so she can wear them year round.
  121. Abbie Rotello ~ We love using BabyLegs for extra warmth under dresses and skirts as well as over leggings. BabyLegs rock!
  122. Jennifer Nielsen ~ "They make diaper changes so easy with my 8 month old! Not to mention they're super stylish "
  123. Shannon ~ I love the cute designs and the versatility they give to my daughters wardrobe.
  124. Amy Williams ~ I don't have any yet...not quite sure how that happened! But with a six year old daughter and sons four and 19 months, I'm sure they would be put to good use - maybe on my arms too! Not so sure hubby would be into them for himself, but that's too bad - his loss!
  125. Tricia Freadrich ~ "I love love love Thames so much. We just had immunizations today and it was so easy to just pull them down for the needle and pull up quick right after! And up here in Canada it is a wee bit chilly right now so they are awesome little long johns to wear under her pants to keep her extra warm!! An they don't ride up, oh the list goes on!!! Please please please we would be ever so grateful and warm!! xo "
  126. Jillanne Ulep ~ They are cute, comfy, and fit my kids for a long time. Love using then when my babies are crawling,
  127. leeanne kraft ~ don't yet have a pair but would protect my little girl's knees when she learns to crawl on our hardwood floors!
  128. Nicole S. ~ Perfect for crawling and keeping warm!
  129. Cendy Andersen ~ We love BabyLegs! We have a new crawler in the house and they protect his little knees from the hardwood floors. He is more comftorable and can crawl around easier when he is in Babylegs vs pants. I love them for photo ops too!
  130. jason ullmann ~ would use them on our ergo!
  131. Sally Womach ~ Work great with my lil girls tu-tus for some extra warmth so she can freely play dress up all year round! :) Plus an awesome invention for diaper changing time.
  132. Erin Krestian ~ Just bought them, but our baby just came home so haven't gotten to try them, yet.....think they are super adoreable.
  133. Courtney Stalwick ~ We love Baby Legs, For babywearing they keep my sons legs warm when his pants ride up, We love them for easy diaper changes around the house WE LOVE baby legs!!! I cannot wait to use the ones i allready have for my next son due in feb :)
  134. Katie Daigh ~ I bought BabyLegs for my daughter's first winter. They kept her legs warn and make diaper changes a snap, especially when traveling (airplanes, etc.). Now that she's older (3 1/2) she wears them on her arms as often as not, it's her go to when she picks a t-shirt and Mommy says, "that's not warm enough." Out come the BabyLegs and everyone's happy. You just can't have enough!
  135. Kelly McCall ~ "The first order I got was for their UV line in the summer. Then I ordered more different styles to save my lil guys knees when crawling, then more for transition to fall weather! I always take his pants off indoors do he can crawl & walk more easy (not crawling into his pants, or stepping on the bottom of his pants when walking) so its nice to still have him dressed in babylegs! "
  136. Savannah mirosh ~ Waaay better than tights and great with onesies!
  137. Jennifer Dzielak ~ I love BabyLegs! My baby girl hates the feel of tights ("too tight, Mommy!"), but BabyLegs are soft, durable & comfortable. There are so many cute designs, too!
  138. Jen Gabriel ~ We have lots and love them because they are adorable and versatile.
  139. Nicole McClellan ~ Have them and love them! They are great to carry in a diaper bag to pop on your babe's arms or legs if they get chilly while out and about. They are also great when going to the doctor's for vaccinations... just put them on with a onesie and the doc has easy access to thighs and you don't have to worry about getting clothes on your little one's legs after they get poked :o) Many a medical assistant has complimented my little girl on her babylegs!
  140. Taylor Wright ~ We love Babylegs as a cute, easy alternative to pants while cloth diapering or potty training! My daughter also wears them as arm warmers to extend the life of favorite short sleeve tops into fall and winter!
  141. Emily Elterich ~ Easy diaper changes!
  142. Nicole McClellan ~ Have them and love them! They are great to carry in a diaper bag to pop on your babe's arms or legs if they get chilly while out and about. They are also great when going to the doctor's for vaccinations... just put them on with a onesie and the doc has easy access to thighs and you don't have to worry about getting clothes on your little one's legs after they get poked :o) Many a medical assistant has complimented my little girl on her babylegs!
  143. Jamie Kaun ~ Makes diaper changes a breeze and they look so cute with cloth diapers.
  144. Sophie R. ~ I have a fall/winter baby and would love to use them out and about or just home for playtime and easy diaper changes. My liitle guy loves being cozy warm, so he would love these and so would his Mommy! They are just too cute!
  145. Jill Higgins ~ I'm dying to have Baby Legs for my toddler and my baby niece :)
  146. Leisa Goddard ~ They are super cute accessories to any outfit!!!
  147. Michelle Ezzell ~ b/c it's not one more thing you have to remove to change diapers plus they're cute!!!
  148. Leisa Goddard ~ They add colour and style to any outfit!
  149. Candice Pawlowski ~ I love babylegs because they stay up and never roll down throughout the day. They are warm for cooler days and perfect under dresses winter and summer. They helped protect baby knees through the crawling stage and continue to protect legs now that we are running.
  150. Leisa Goddard ~ They are colourful and fun!
  151. Krista Hannan ~ My little girl loves them at school as an alternative to wearing long sleeves! Anything to stop the arguing while trying to get her to stay warm, lol!!
  152. Alicia Hurd ~ They are amazing when it's cold out they are great for in the carrier cause the pants ride up and the socks fall down leave chilly naked legs. My older ones wear them under their torn jeans for a cute look so they can wear their most favourite pants and still stay warm. and with the baby on the move and wood and tile flooring these are an absolute MUST!!!
  153. Leisa Goddard ~ They add an extra layer of warmth and colour
  154. Stephanie Quinones ~ I love the awesome designs and added warmth for my DD.
  155. ~ "When my twins were first learning to crawl, we used them as extra padding on their little knees :) Now we use them as extra warmth under their pants for our cold Canadian winters!"
  156. Sue ~ My 4 y.o. daughter has worn BabyLegs since she was an infant and we LOVE them! Several pairs are rough-looking and could use replacing. They have been leg-savers for us now, since she insists on wearing shorts and skirts as the temps in VA continue to drop quickly! Her baby brother even has a pair of the Father's Day b&w ones. I never win anything either, so this would be a great start to a new luck in life!
  157. Aubrey Gertz ~ I love them because they make layering a breeze, easy on easy off!
  158. April Beshires ~ I love that everyone in the family can wear them!!!
  159. Kistina McNicol ~ They are a great extra layer in these cold months for my daughter or me. I keep sneaking her super softs when I go out to volunteer at our youth program as we only have short sleeve shirts. Makes changes easier as well
  160. lindsay nieminen ~ they work great under pants that ride up on my DS in the ergo, in the exersaucer, when im holding him!
  161. Vanessa du Bois ~ I love our baby legs for way to many reasons 1) they are so stinking adorable on my 2 girls. 2) now that's it's colder I can still have my girls wear their skirts or dresses and still be warm. 3) my now crawling 6 1/2 month old wears them on our hardwood floors. 4) they make diaper changing a breeze. 4) I can't wait to use them for 20 month old when we start potty training, in super excited about this one, more than I think I should be. :)
  162. Beth Yeggy ~ I LOVE babylegs, my daughter wears them for potty training and for fun. My new son wears them because he hates pants. I wear them on my arms when I breastfed so I can keep warm, keep my son from getting sweaty and for to have easy access for breastfeeding. THANK YOU BABYLEGS!
  163. Kendra Klincker ~ I bought some for my niece, I love how cute they are and that they keep her little legs warm when she insists on wearing skirts/dresses everyday.
  164. Helen Kempler ~ They keep my little girl's chubby legs warm, and make diaper change a breeze. They are also a stylish addition to any outfit.
  165. Wendy ~ "Trying to potty train my daughter. I don't like her running around in just her big girl underwear so I think baby legs would be great to keep her legs warm. "
  166. Sara Barth ~ I have been dying to buy a pair for my daughter Ryan! They are adorable! I would love to pair with a onsie that has a ruffle of the butt that still fits her but is too cold to wear alone!
  167. Adrienne Murray ~ At our house, we LOVE Babylegs!! Our DD's wear them as leggings and my tot wears them on her arms. We have 20something pairs!
  168. Rebecca E. ~ I love how soft and cozy they are.
  169. Shelley Robertson ~ love them because they are so versatile, and cute
  170. Tuyet Kulynych ~ Love the extra layer of warmth for chilly summer nights & cold Canadian winters! Also love the funky designs.
  171. Shab higginbotham ~ I love how cool they look. My little guy is always getting compliments on then. Plus I love them more than pants. Cute and functional!
  172. Lauren James ~ I loved them in the summer for when my daughter was crawling around - they protected her knees from the floor. Now that it's winter, we are putting them on under her pants for an extra layer of warmth (it's been super cold here in the Canadian Prairies already) and for when the pant leg rides up so she's covered.
  173. Krystal Shedden ~ They look cool.
  174. Tuyet Kulynych ~ Love the extra layer of warmth for chilly summer nights & cold Canadian winters! Also love the funky designs.
  175. Vanessa Aguilera ~ I have been wanting baby legs for my 4 and 6 yr old little girls!! But I never can afford them whenever I want to get them. Something always comes up. But I would love to win them for my girls for christmas!! Thank you!!
  176. Cindi Tagg ~ We use them for potty training- keeps little legs warm!
  177. Shauna Chung ~ I love babylegs because they are super cute on my daughter and keep her warm.
  178. Cocine Castle ~ They keep my baby's legs warm and still keep diaper changes less of a hassle! :) AND they're super cute!
  179. Rachel krupnick ~ I love hoe versatile they are. I can use them on my infant as well as use them myself to keep my arms warm when I get caught without a jacket.
  180. April Willis ~ I got a pair as a gift when my son was born last year and loved them but then summer came and he didn't need them anymore as we live in florida. I am due in a couple weeks and would love another pair as the pair i have is for a boy and I am having a girl this time. With it being winter soon I would sure like to have a girly pair.
  181. Brandyn Larocque ~ I don't have them, but I would love to try them when my daughter starts crawling or for my son as an alternative to long johns.
  182. Geri Smith ~ I loved them for under dresses when we potty trained. I love using them to add an extra layer of warmth to munchkin's arms and legs. My favorite use was using the ladybug and witch ones for her Halloween costumes!
  183. Vanessa Jarrett ~ I love to use baby legs for an extra layer of warmth under pants on cold winter days... I also love how they make diaper changing so quick!
  184. Lauren Andersen ~ I love my BL's!! I use them on both my boy and girl. I have used them while potty training as well as arm warmers for short sleeved shirts, even to cover bare legs under skirts. I freaking LOVE BabyLegs!!!
  185. Reyna Walton ~ Love them for my 5 yr old son for under his pants as a layer, and in his arms, he LOVES the super soft ones best. My 2 yr old daughter loves them as a fun accessory with her outfits!
  186. Melissa Thompson ~ We LOVE our BabyLegs! They have many uses.... Love to use them with DDs skirts and shorts in the winter time. Great for summers in the PNW...mornings are cool and then can be easily removed in the afternoon. Big sis loves to wear them on her arms. I have also used them on my Ergo as sucking pad on the straps.
  187. Abby Letner ~ I love BabyLegs! I cloth diaper and it makes it really easy to keep my baby's legs warm and change her easily. They make cute tights alternatives under dresses. I put them on my older kids' arms and legs for additional layering on cold days. They're just all around practical and cute.
  188. Abbey Colbert ~ I love that they are soft, stay up, and they fit from tiny baby to adults!!
  189. Sharla Dixon ~ I love them because they are so versatile. All three of my girls (ages 3 months to 5 years) can use them throughout the year for different things. And they are a god send for potty training too!
  190. Annie ~ I would LOVE to receive this wonderful gift for my precious daughter's. (: Adilynn and Ella will surely look "tutu" cute in their BabyLegs!!! :) ...I make tutu's for young girls and I think BabyLegs would complete the look on any lil' girl!
  191. Kristen ~ Have them stocked up and ready for my Jan baby... can't wait to pair em with onesies!!
  192. Oriel Lucero ~ Fashionable and useful for years.
  193. Sarah Pescitelli ~ They are fun, stylish and a great accent to my little girls outfits! They keep her warm on cooler days, easy to throw on, easy to change diapers, not to mention the adorable patterns! Love them!!!!
  194. Holly ~ My neice wears them with her cloth diapers...too cute!
  195. Bridget Meredith ~ I love the cute designs and I will use them for my little baby girl.
  196. Judy Leon ~ They are the best for my super fast crawler and are great for layering !!!
  197. Heaven Riddle ~ They work great for keeping my baby girl's legs warm when she is wearing a short-sleeved onesie. They make middle of the night diaper changes so much easier and are super cute on her chubby little legs.
  198. Julia Rivas-Lopez ~ I have a few pair that I bought for my son. They are so cute and soft. We are expecting our second child and would love to increase our choices of babylegs!
  199. Hannah ~ We love baby legs, especially the footless tights. My little one has been wearing them since she was a few months old! Gorgeous, unique designs; very functional - useful for crawlers and while potty training!
  200. Jean Pascual ~ I love BLs because they complete an outfit. They are so cute when worn with skirts and dresses, but are also great for wearing around the house.
  201. Vanessa ~ We are a family that LOVES Babylegs! All 5 of my children, ages 11 months, 5, 6,9 and 11 wear them! They are still very soft and intact after much use! I love that they protect my crawling son's knees, keep them all warm in the fall/spring or just paired with an outfit to make a unique statement! I suggest Babylegs to ALL my friends!
  202. Lindsay Louter ~ i love!!! babylegs i use them for my dd legs arms and have even used them when my feet have gotten cold !!
  203. Jordanna Haglund ~ I love babylegs - they keep my little ones warm during the cold Canadian helps that they are so cute too!
  204. Melissa Allee ~ "I don't have any BL yet but want some...if I won for my toddler boys It would help with potty training... If for my 1 month old baby girl it would help with diaper changes and keeping her legs warm!"
  205. chana ~ We love our babylegs they come in so many styles and colours and keep my daughters arms and legs warm
  206. Kaylie C. ~ Love them for the little ones to use instead of pants (for an easy diaper change) and to keep knees for getting rubbed when crawling
  207. Amber Ferguson ~ We love them because they last for ever and keep my little girls legs warm or her arms and they look cute no mater how you wear them.
  208. Shelley Johnson ~ I love them for summer at the beach for sun protection and for winter under jeans!
  209. Holley D'Orazio ~ I absolutely LOVE BabyLegs! They make changing diapers so easy and I love how easy it is to keep a pair in my diaper bag with a onsie for a quick emergency outfit change.
  210. Kayla ~ BabyLegs make it easier to change diapers & they are fun to accessorize with!
  211. Amanda Schmidt ~ We love BabyLegs! There's a style for every outfit that they add an extra dose of cuteness to. They also are a great extra layer for cold days, as well as my go-to baby gift. I also have exta pairs on hand for an unexpected need for a present or party favor. Oh, and daddy loves them because they make diaper changes easy!!
  212. Shannon Rains ~ Love my baby legs because they are a super cute tights alternative for a potty training toddler.
  213. Whitney Baze ~ We don't currently own any BabyLegs, but I'd love to have them for the baby boy we're expecting on December 9th!
  214. Liane Stougard ~ To keep my little guy's legs warm.
  215. Katie Gerakios ~ They make diaper changes so easy when you are at home and add and extra layer of warmth when you are out!
  216. Allison osborne ~ I am expecting a little girl and would love to have some curly babylegs.
  217. Katie Krause ~ I have never purchased them, but have always adored and wanted them. They would be perfect for my 8 month old daughter who is just starting to crawl. My fingers are crossed!
  218. Jennifer Rubin ~ They keep my son's legs warm during the winter months!
  219. Oriane Emond ~ I love babylegs because they have uses for every season and every age. In the fall, I put them underneath my 15 months old's pants to keep her warmer outside while we go on our strolls.
  220. Caroline Madrid ~ They are adorable!
  221. keri ~ They make diaper changing so easy and they are as fun even with little boys!!!!
  222. neala ~ Love them. They go well under pants, over pants, under T*shirt to make sleeves. These are a quick way to keep my little one warm and happy. Plus they add style to any outfit.
  223. Christine Hank ~ We love our baby legs! My daughter is 10 moths old and spens a lot of time crawling on her little knees; also they are fantastic for keeping her warm in the chilly fall weather!! Plus they are super duper cute!
  224. beth zollman ~ they are the ultimate thing for kids! i love that i can pair them with a dress, or other outfit, a onesie or just let my daughter go around in a tshirt and babylegs all day!
  225. THALIA KRIGELMAN ~ I would use them to help my son to be potty trained, as he's learning to crawl now, we haven't been able to find something to cover his little knees from getting rug burn and also to keep his chubby legs warm, while we go out for our daily walks.
  226. Kathleen Kolodzinski ~ We EC, and BabyLegs make it a lot easier. We can put our son in a long shirt, diaper, and BabyLegs. I love that his legs can be warm, but I'm not having to fight to get him out of pants or an outfit with legs when I take him potty.
  227. Cheryl Reiter ~ I love Baby Legs because they are perfect for keeping baby warm when doing diaper changes on cold winter days like today.
  228. Jessica Tivel ~ I absolutely LOVE BabyLegs. My daughter is six months old and wears them all the time. They make diaper changes so easy, and protect her knees while she is learning to crawl. Beyond that, they are completely adorable. We have a few pairs that we received as a gift and get compliments on them every time she wears them!
  229. Casey ~ "I don't have any BabyLegs yet, but with winter coming, I would love to try some out. My one and three yr old would def wear them in the mornings and at night...when our house is it's coldest...under nightgowns, with the shorts we still insist on wearing, over our tights...a whole bunch of times! "
  230. MONICA LINEHAN ~ Super cute patterns, super easy to use!
  231. Aileen Cousins ~ They are sooooo cute! I love the different designs and they keep my kiddos legs warm. They also look good as tights. They are great for easy diaper changes and in the summer when going in and out of a/c!
  232. Jaclyn ~ Easy diaper changes, small in the diaper bag, always look cute/get compliments on them!
  233. Becky Bartels ~ I am expecting my 3rd little girl in March- never had them for the first ones but think they look wonderful and would love to have them for the last!
  234. sue ellen rodriguez perrusquia ~ Each of my kids has one pair of leg warmers that are awesome to throw on under a dress or shorts during slightly cold weather when they want to wear a certain dress, etc. Haven't tried babylegs yet but I've heard awesome things!
  235. Serafina ~ I have been hit with the Babyleg bug about 2 yrs ago and haven't looked back ... This neat idea is great for each season .. Winter... Leg Warmers for those pants that are a bit too short ... Summer a little cool on those late summer nights put them on ur arms ... Fall not cold enough to dig out ur jacket throw on a pair to warm ur arms ... Love love love babylegs keep then in the car and diaper bag and would love the secret design !
  236. pamela mcavoy ~ Love how they look on chubby baby legs. I used them to protect my daughter's knees when she started crawling, but also plan to use them under dresses/skirts
  237. Shantel ~ I love babylegs because they saved my DD knees when she was just starting to crawl.
  238. Natalie Liu ~ I would use them to keep my sons warm
  239. Sommer Thomas ~ "These make changing my little bitty so easy and make him look adorable! "
  240. tralee marti ~ Would love to try them! Have heard rave reviews from other mothers.
  241. Lindsey Marshall ~ I couldn't have lived without them for potty training! They were a huge lifesaver!
  242. Sara Matthews ~ I love them because they make diaper changes easier and the are so so cute!
  243. Kerri ~ I don't have BabyLegs but if I did I would use them on my daughter when she wears a skirt or dress or put them on her in the winter to keep her legs warm!
  244. Casandra Peacock ~ I would use them now for my son to help make it easier to take diapers on and off for potty training and then in a few months would use them for my daughter when she is learning to crawl.
  245. Kacie Inouye ~ We love Babylegs because they protect my daughter's knees! She is crawling everywhere, and fast! Also, it makes diaper changing so much easier and faster (she also tries crawling away during diaper changes!) Thanks Babylegs for a great product, we'd love to win some more :)
  246. Jennifer Janousek ~ I love my babylegs! So many cute outfits aren't fit for cooler weather, these make every outfit possible!
  247. Rebecca Geusebroek ~ BLs are so versatile! I've used them in attempting to toilet train my DD. I used them camping while my DD was crawling so it protected her knees from the rocks and gravel. I've used them with shorts when the weather was cooler in the morning and then I could just pull them off when it warmed up in the afternoon. I love babylegs and have gotten many uses out of them!
  248. Deborah Sardos ~ I'd use them when my daughter starts to crawl to protect her knees. I'd also use them as cute "leggings" under some dresses to keep her warm!
  249. Kristen Thurmond ~ We use them in dance class. My daughter looks adorable in them and all the other little girls (and thier mamas!) LOVE them.
  250. Danielle Timmons ~ So versatile! I love them for my 6month old and 4 year old!!!
  251. Stephanie Murdock ~ Cover the legs where pants leave gaps; make for easy diaper changes
  252. Jenelle Schaaf ~ We are a BabyLegs loving family!! Never leave home without them!! They are great under pants in the winter months. They also make diaper changes and potty training super easy!
  253. Chelsea Greschner ~ I love babylegs on my daughter, I use them alot when she's wearing skirts. They were great when she was learning to crawl, and will be using them for potty training in a few months. I can't wait to try out some new styles on my son once he's born too. (2 months to go!)
  254. Becky Schuster ~ "We love them! Up here in Canada the weather is unpredectible and unreliable. Keeping them in the diaper bag help me be prepared to warm up chilly legs or arms with a dress or short sleeves without losing the look of a great out. "
  255. Audrey Polyakov ~ I love them because they are super cute and it keeps my daughter's legs warm. =)
  256. Bonnie Douglas Vannatta ~ We LOVE babylegs for a million reasons... they are adorable, they make it so DD can wear her skirts longer into the cooler weather, they make the perfect addition to so many outfits, they make diaper changes and potty training so much easier.... we LOVE them!
  257. michelle ~ Adorable!!!!
  258. Genevieve Wingerter ~ I've never used them but I think they would be helpful keeping my little Inez's ankles warm when his pant legs slide up while he's playing.
  259. Michelle Lawson ~ I finally bought some BabyLegs for my little girl and so far she is in them almost every day! She is only 8 months old but she's had them on over tights, under a skirt, under a dress, as sleeves (instead of a sweater).... I even attempted to tie one around her head a la headband but that pushed the BL limit. I can't believe she actually keeps them on! They are perfect for just about every outfit and I will wear these ones threadbare very soon! I would definitely make (daily) use of these new BabyLegs!!
  260. Michel Schulz ~ I have the footless tights...i love that her legs stay warm while her feet are bare as she is a new walker and needs the ability to find her way
  261. Kim ~ I think the baby legs would fantastic for my newest little girl this winter!
  262. Michelle Snellen ~ I love them because they're so versatile.. I use them on the toddler's legs, and the 6 year olds arms :)
  263. cassandra parker ~ dd wears babylegs all the time! they are great instead of pants, or even under pants for extra protection from the cold. plus with so many designs she always looks stylish. we love everything about them.
  264. Jenny ~ I love that I can layer her clothes, and they don't ride up! Plus, they're super cute :)
  265. jeanny fontaine ~ i don't have baby legs, but it will be very practical for the winter to keep my children warm
  266. jeanny fontaine ~ i don't have baby legs, but it will be very practical for the winter to keep my children warm
  267. Brian ~ We use them on days when we're just hanging around the house with a onesie. Makes diaper changes so easy!
  268. Deadra Vandermeer ~ They have been great for my son while he was crawling especially. Now we throw them on as an extra layer without having to be a full set of pants. And they are fun!
  269. Theresa hibbert ~ I love them cause my son doesn't get rug burn when he is crawling around
  270. kassandra lepage ~ i love them because they are fantastic for under my son's pants in the winter for added warmth.
  271. joy curry ~ they are great for layering in the winter time.
  272. Lorena Pangilinan ~ I love Baby Legs because of 1) their cute deigns 2) the convenience that they give me and my kids and 3) my kids love wearing them! Xoxo
  273. AJ H ~ I LOVE Babylegs! So easy to change diapers while traveling, keeps little legs AND arms warm and best of all so adorable!
  274. Diana Lugo ~ We love the versatility of them and the fact you can layer them under or on top of clothes to keep little legs and arms warm in the winter. The stylish designs are a great compliment to outfits too. :)
  275. Sheena Alexander ~ I love them because they keep my daughters legs warm when shes running around the house in just a onesie!
  276. Crystal yeggy ~ They are so easy to pull on and have the cutest designs. They really make an outfit!
  277. Mari Garcia ~ We love baby legs because they are fashionable and great in keeping my daughter's legs warm. They are also great while potty training.
  278. Naomi Smith ~ I love them for leg warmers for my 6 year old, arm warmers for whoever wants them, and for transitioning between seasons when part of the day is cold and then it warms up. Remove your babylegs and you are all set. Put them on again when it cools down in the evening.
  279. Joy Newlan ~ Makes diaper changes easier
  280. ashley Borland ~ To keep my baby warm through the cold Alberta winter!!
  281. Melissa Hunt ~ Love the one pair I have because I don't worry about cold legs when my baby is in our Ergo (pants tend to ride up in there )
  282. Loralei Sergeew ~ I would use them for my baby girl to keep her lil legs warm under dresses and cute onsies :)
  283. NICOLE WONG ~ Because it keeps my baby legs' warm.
  284. Tracy Aguilar ~ I love them with skirts
  285. Elizabeth Poggio ~ They'd be great for winter for our little guy.
  286. Jami Olver ~ I love them for the crawling stage and to just look cute with outfits!
  287. Bethany ~ We're potty training and it's winter-- my little one can manage to get the underwear up and down, but pants are beyond her. BabyLegs have been the perfect solution for keeping her warm!
  288. Natalie Kamahaku ~ "Love the legwarmers for their cuteness factor and versatility - you can use them with any outfit! Love the socks for their cuteness factor and the grippies on the bottom. Love the tights for the cute design on the bum and the quality they are made with. LOVE BABYLEGS!!!! :)"
  289. Danielle K ~ I love BabyLegs because they're so cute and they keep my baby's legs warm so he doesn't have to wear pants :)
  290. Genevieve ~ I have several pairs of Babylegs. I love that during the hot months my baby can crawl around in just a diaper and Babylegs, he can stay cool and protect his knees. During the winter I love to put Babylegs under my baby's pants so that there is no exposed gaps between his socks and pants.
  291. Amy ~ my daughter uses them under her dress and pushes them down when she get hot, since we never know what the weather will be. I'd love to give her more as we only have one pair.
  292. Kara Olson ~ I only just put a pair on my son today for crawling! They were awesome! His pants just fall off, but the baby legs worked great!
  293. Tamara Savard ~ Multi-functional & adorable!!
  294. Anita Truckenmiller ~ I loved them for potty training my daughter in the winter!!
  295. Rachael mclean ~ I would use them under my sons jeans as a sort of long underwear in our damp winters.
  296. Danielle ~ I love them because they are cozy and warm and keep my babys legs toasty!
  297. melissa shears ~ I only discovered BabyLegs recently. I'm expecting my last baby in June and I'm eager to try them. They look so cute! And so practical for extra warmth, for crawlers, and potty-training! Wish I'd had BabyLegs for all my babies! :)
  298. Tonya ~ I loved them when my little one was learning to crawl because they padded his legs/knees on our hardwood floors. Now, they keep his arms warm when he wants to wear a t-shirt and it is too cold!
  299. kathy hatch ~ They are so cute! Can't wait to see the new designs!