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What Thanksgiving traditions do you have?

  1. Turkey!
  2. Every thanksgiving we read poems thank thanksgiving and the 1st pilgrims. I also make hand-made "I'm Thankful For" cards and everyone write it down and shares around the room.
  3. Dinner with family.
  4. lots and lots and lots and lots of food and food comas and yummy desserts and flag football. Did I mention lots of food??? :)
  5. Just being with family :)
  6. None, yet! I get to make my own this year though. SO EXCITING.
  7. We have my birthday party and thanksgiving together:)
  8. Before we dig in to the feast we all go around the table and say what we are thankful for!
  9. Head back to the parents house for a big feast!
  10. Turkey, turkey, turkey! Oh, and pumpkin pie ;)
  11. sleeping in late!
  12. We always go to my parents house and watch football, pig out, and let all the kids play.
  13. Going to my parents house with the baby and having a nice dinner together.
  14. The most important Thanksgiving tradition in our family is to spend it together. No matter what else is going on, just stopping to spend a day being thankful for each other truly refreshes our minds and souls.
  15. It is a tradition in our family to have Thanksgiving at my Aunt's house
  16. We always go around the table and ask what everyone is thankful for.
  17. Always a dinner with family of course - and the whole "what are you thankful for" questions.
  18. We always watch the parade and then have dinner together as a family. Then we rest up for MAJOR shopping on Friday!
  19. Baking brown sugar cookies using an old family recipe and Dad's famous stuffing (so delicious)!
  20. pouring over the Black Friday ads from the newspaper, while trying to stay awake after that giant load of tryptophan!
  21. We watch National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation" every year while we're cooking to get ready for Thanksgiving. We have a big extended family, and everyone meets up at my in-laws house for a big dinner. Then it's off to a movie on Thanksgiving night.
  22. We always eat a lot of food and then put up our Christmas tree! :)
  23. Spending time with family and cooking/eating way too much food!
  24. Yummy turkey dinner with cranberry sauce
  25. Spending time with family and of course eating lots of wonderful foods. We also try to go to the afternoon movie as a family and watch a movie together.
  26. eat, eat and eat til you can't eat anymore
  27. get together with family and have a wonderful turkey dinner
  28. We go to a near by park and see the salmon spawning
  29. Making my famous apple tart and chocolate pecan pie for my family!
  30. Early morning hike in the woods with my family and my "fur babies".
  31. Growing up after having a wonderful meal withe family we would all snuggle up by the fire place and watch the old Star Treck shows! We were so geeky ;)
  32. Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and cooking together. While we are cooking dinner, we call our families to wish them a Happy Turkey Day.
  33. Spending it with my family and friends
  34. Since this is my gal's first turkey day, we are starting new traditions. We've already made 'hand turkeys', which I'm pretty sure were more for mama than her! :)
  35. We're starting a new tradition at our house - I get to cook family dinner!! Very excited to try to fill my mother's big shoes :)
  36. Going to my grandma's house every year and watching the Thanksgiving Day parade with my family
  37. Until now, our tradition has been to do the "tour of homes" as all of our family lives in town. Now that we have a little guy, we are hoping to start our own traditions!
  38. I must make my Creamy Ginger Pumpkin Pie!!!
  39. We always make hard tack candy in the evening after we have had our meal. A great thing for everyone to take part in.
  40. Cook, eat and look at all the shopping ads
  41. outdoor hockey
  42. PUMKIN PIE and dinner with friends and family.
  43. My Thanksgiving traditions: I make homemade apple every year and go to my parents house for dinner. I also put my Christmas tree up that day!
  44. All the family gets together and we enjoy a huge traditional thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and more! The men also head out to the shooting range :)
  45. For us it's about being together, eating good food, and watching the football game no matter where we are. We're starting new traditions as our family is growing.
  46. Being with family, eating lots of turkey and watching lots of football. Plus celebrating my dad's and grandpa's birthdays
  47. We are hoping to start a new tradition of keeping things low key and low stress. This year it involves staying home and having a nice dinner--just the 3 of us!
  48. we go to the cottage with our family and spend some quality time together with no phones, tv, or electronic devices its a great 5 days
  49. Eat till I pop!!
  50. I always make my Grandma's cornbread stuffing. We always have big family gatherings too. I love Thanksgiving!
  51. spending time with family and enjoy cooking the meal together :)
  52. We enjoy spending time together and cutting down our Christmas tree together. :D
  53. Everyone invited is responsible for making something, one guest who does his own now still makes us his delicious grape salad, you have to have it to know what you're missing,mmm, mmm, mmm!
  54. To spend time with family. Eat way too much food and watch football. Always fun
  55. Eat till I pop!!
  56. None. My son is now 2 and i will make sure that we have a tradition for him to talk about and look forward to, as i never did growing up
  57. Spending time with family, and sharing what we are thankful for. (while eating dinner)
  58. Eat till I pop!!
  59. Our Thanksgiving traditions are brand new now that we have a child. We make a Gingerbrad House, decorate the outside with Christmas lights and decorations.
  60. Spending time with my inlaws and family and not trying to kill each other!!!HaHa!!Also we like to cook up a storm even thought there are only 10 of us.
  61. It's not much of a tradition, but every Thanksgiving we go to my MIL's and she and her husband cook an enormous meal and everyone (including my husbands grandparents) comes over for dinner :)
  62. We always close up our cottage at Thanksgiving. It's a bitter sweet weekend!
  63. We always make a dinner with all of the fixings and since family lives out-of-state and we can't always be together, we've added a web cam chat to the tradition each year! Thanksgiving is a day to just relax and have fun as a family for us.
  64. Eat till I pop!!
  65. Other than eating like a mad woman, Black Friday baby! :)
  66. Getting together with family & and having lots of amazing foods. Over the years my family has either gone to friends for the day or had a friend or two over. This year we will host it at house for both sides of our family.
  67. Eat till I pop!!
  68. We make green bean casserole!
  69. Each year we gather in our home and have a FULL spread of food, traditional and not tradtional. We have friends and family and have an open door policy for our single soldier friends, and anyone who doesn't have a place or family to spend Thanksgiving with! Then we all help decorate the tree and light it in the front window of the house!
  70. We all have dinner as a family <3
  71. We have Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls in the morning and stay in our PJs most of the day. My husband fries a turkey and we have to have homemade Cranberry sauce with cranberries from Cape Cod, MA!
  72. Eat till I pop!!
  73. Turkey Lurkey, and lots of family time.
  74. getting together w/ family and eating! Pretty generic, but it is what we do every year:)
  75. We eat at different places, but my husband and I always make it a point to spend some one on one time together...usually watching movies and eating leftovers that night :)
  76. Everyone saying what they are extra thankful for this year.
  77. A big turkey meal surrounded by friends and family!
  78. dinner at my husbands aunts house
  79. Eat till I pop!!
  80. Since we have are just starting our family, we want to start having traditions. I guess one would be having a fried turkey. And with my new business we will probably have cake balls every year. I did pumpkin spice cake and pumpkin cheesecake.. So yummy!
  81. Making my famous apple tart and chocolate pecan pie for my family!
  82. We always go up to our cottage for the last time for the season. We have a traditional dinner with a fire. Love it.
  83. I'm excited to start some traditions this year! I've been married for four years and even though my husband is deployed right now. He is on his way home for 3 days to spend Thanksgiving with us. This is our first Thanksgiving together as a family since we've been married. I'm making cornish hens instead of turkey. We're not crazy about turkey. I'm just happy to have my hubby!
  84. Turkey dinner with the family:)
  85. We use the long weekend to just relax and spend time together.
  86. Our family is military so every year we invite any military personal (single, married with a deployed spouse, kids, everyone!) who may not have some place to go over to our house! Makes for a huge party some years and sometimes just an intimate small group! Its a blast and a great time to remember to also be thankful for our US Military (amoung SO many other things!)
  87. We keep the Native American tradition alive by having a storytelling contest. We go around the table telling a story of something that happened to us the past year.
  88. Everyone goes around the table and says what they are thankful for that year, but it can't be serious! It has to be silly or funny.
  89. Every year (and i mean every year!) theres a native cultural gathering in my community so we celebrate both occassions with one big celebration!!!We also take fall pictures outside at my parents :)
  90. Share the day with my crazy family!
  91. We love to watch the parade, cook all day long, and eat eat eat! We also share about the things we are thankful for :)
  92. my family and i all meet up at my mom's house for a huge thanksgiving feast. there's turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, my grandma's famous rice salad, and homemade bread! i just recently had a baby (in august '10) so it'll be exciting to see how the tradition changes!
  93. We always watch Christmas Vacation thanksgiving night after dinner!!
  94. to wear the stretchiest pants I own, all weekend - and then feel the wrath of my gluttony the coming week when i put on a pair of non elasticized pants. so great, yet so horrific. lol.
  95. Get up early and head to breakfast with Dad and siblings ~ Head over to the local football game and back home to eat lots of TURKEY! Can't wait!
  96. After dinner we always take a walk together... Also we always make homemade pumpkin pies & stuffing...never store bought :) not a tradition but something to look forward to!
  97. Our family travels to our cabin in the interior for the weekend. We cook and big bird, have turkey dinner and turkey sandwiches the following days. YUMMY!
  98. Eat, eat and eat. Take a nap, and then eat some more.
  99. Lots of yummy food and time with family
  100. pie, pie, and more pie!!
  101. Every Thanksgiving, we have a "thanksgiving tree" (a homemade paper tree), each thanksgiving, we all write something we are thankful for on a paper leaf and fill the tree with leaves. It keeps the focus on the right things and reminds us that we have so much to be thankful for!
  102. We all go to my mother's house and eat ourselves silly, and after supper we bring out the newspaper and start planning our attack for Black Friday! It doesn't sound like much, but when you have 30 people fighting over two newspapers its a zoo!
  103. My Mom always makes homemade noodles for Thanksgiving.
  104. Eat lots and lots at Grandma's, then the girls look at black friday ads and boys watch football!
  105. Every thanksgiving my entire extended family (there are about 60 of us) get together and have a traditional meal at my grandparents house! I just love being able to catch up with family that we don't see everyday!
  106. We eat pie!!
  107. Everyone gathering at mom's for her superb cooking! I hope that tradition of family, great food and lots of laughs lasts for a long time.
  108. Thanksgiving night my family and I sit and watch Christmas Vacation. Even if we are in different states we all sit and watch it and call each other and quote the movie.
  109. Our family gathers around the table (arriving from near and far) to eat a delicious meal and share 2 things that we are each thankful for!
  110. Turkey with the family of course! :)
  111. Spending the day with family and making a big thanksgiving supper!
  112. We always spend Thanksgiving with family and usually watch some CFL football. Go Riders Go!
  113. We have all our family together on Thanksgiving, then we scan through all the Black Friday ads together and head out at about 10 pm to wait in line ALL NIGHT!! We have SO much fun!!
  114. We have many pre-Thanksgiving meals the weekend before with friends!
  115. Thanksgiving is all about spending as much time as possible with our family. My kids are so lucky to live so close to much of their extended family and I want them to realize that each and every day. Thanksgiving is about celebrating that and all our other blessings in our family!
  116. We split our holidays between my husband;s family and mine. One year at his for Thanksgiving and one at mine. My family is very traditional with the meal and football and board games. His is a big family party with all different cuisines and karaoke. I love the differences in our families and traditions. I am thankful for that :)
  117. We have a big turkey bowl football game! It's been happening for 27 years!
  118. Dinner with my whole family -- turkey of course!! Though, I"m in Canada and Thanksgiving was over a month ago :)
  119. We all stand in a circle as a family and hold hands and sayer a prayer and tell everyone what we are thankful for.
  120. We always go to the inlaws house :) Not much of a tradition, but it's what we have so far.
  121. I moved to Las Vegas from South Dakota a few years ago. Each year we get together w/ other friends from South Dakota and celebrate together! :)
  122. Grandma's blue berry jello, sparkling cider, eat all day and then eat some dessert.
  123. We have a home cooked turkey dinner with the family.
  124. Too many desserts!
  125. We gather as a family and talk about what we are thankful for, good things about eachother and play games.
  126. All the family get's together. Pumpkin Pie. Ambroisia Salad. Turkey. Just a lot of eating! We also play cards after we're all stuffed like Turkeys :)
  127. Thanksgiving Tradition: My family and I all pull names out of a hat (much like Secret Santa)and we write a heartfelt letter of thanks to the person we choose. When we first started this tradition, everyone created their own binder where we keep the letters we receive each year.
  128. Every Thanksgiving day morning we eat breakfast while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!
  129. All of our family gets together!
  130. For thanksgiving we cook a huge meal that we call a persian infusion, as my husband and his family are persian and mine are 5th generation canadian. Let me put it this way - there is a turkey, but tumeric is the main ingredient in the stuffing!
  131. Every Thanksgiving we go around the table and share what we've been thankful for this past year... its a good time to reflect on how well we've had things...
  132. Every year I make my Gramma's Pecan pie. It's a generations old recipe that I love.
  133. We all go to my mom's and she cooks everything. Then all of us kids (haha) do the dishes... Then we play scategories(family fav) and my step-dad tries to cheat! too funny lol!
  134. turkey dinner without turkey, since we are vegetarians LOL
  135. family dinner
  136. Pajama Monday! After a hectic weekend (in Canada) we all just stay in our pajamas, no matter where we need to go!
  137. Before Thanksgiving dinner, we go for a nice long walk at our local conservation park. The fresh air and exercise is a great way to build up an appetite for a big dinner!
  138. We all go over to a family members house for a long day full of football and food. The weekend after we go cut down christmas trees and decorate!! This year my one year old and one week old are helping me make pies and cookies which we will make part of our new traditions!!!
  139. I get up really early to make pumpkin pies and pinwheels with the extra dough for the Thanksgiving feast. The next morning, I wake up bright and early to go play 'bodyguard' to my 80 year old, 72 lb grandmother searching for 50% off socks while bundling my 2 month old in a front Bjorn carrier. It's a hard job, but I love it!
  140. We try to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on tv, and always make Nana's favorite Thanksgiving food to remember her by.
  141. Ever since I was a child we have always had Thanksgiving lunch, a nap, then went to the movies. Now that we are all grown with kids of our own we still do it. It is a lot of fun and great quality time with my parents, sisters, nieces, and nephews.
  142. Dressing up for dinner!
  143. We get together at my moms house and eat a big meal and spend the whole day together as a family
  144. We have 2 Thanksgivings. One big dinner with all of our friends the day before Thanksgiving. Then our entire family (75+) gets together for a big late lunch. We follow it up with football on tv and board games together.
  145. Spending it with the people we are most thankful for in our lives...our family.
  146. We love to eat! and then the day after we go to cut our tree down at the Christmas tree farm!
  147. every thanksgiving the whole family gets together...everyone brings a special dish other than the turkey, stuffing etc....we have a great time sitting around the big table conversing. after dinner we play games, the kids laugh and giggle and talk about how excited everyone is to get together again for christmas! We are truley thankful for all the wonderful family we have and the time we get to spend together!!!!! I would LOVE the "evening bloom" bag!! its fabulous! happy thanksgiving all :)
  148. We always get together with family and friends and before dinner, bow our heads and say a prayer of thanks.
  149. Aside from the normal turkey dinner we also decorate my parents Christmas tree since we are all there and get to hang all the ornaments we made as kids and show them to our kids. We also put all of our names in a hat and pick who we will buy Christmas gifts for that year.
  150. Gathering around the table with all of our family and enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!
  151. We always go around the table and say what we are thankful for.
  152. Everyone says what we are thankful fo and then we eat turkey and pumpkin pie.
  153. watching the parade on tv, saying what we are thankful for
  154. Big family lunch, followed by playing games and eating leftover turkey!! :)
  155. At dinner time we always go around the table telling each other what we are thankful for.
  156. This year we will be starting new traditions. My husband is in the Army and we are stationed 2700 miles away from our families, and also just had our first child in July. So this year, we will be having our first Thanksgiving as a "family", and I also invited all of the single soldiers in my husband's unit who have no family around to come eat at our house. We will be telling each other what we are thankful for as well as skyping with our families back home!
  157. Everyone helps cook! Although many seem to check out around clean up time. Then usually we play family games.
  158. We watch the Macy's Day Christmas parade and then spend the day with family!
  159. I have a large family and we all get together at thanksgiving and my mom makes a huge supper! I hope to keep this tradition alive! :)
  160. We have a great dinner with family and then sitting around and watch football games especially the Texas A&M vs Texas game. 'Gig Em Aggies!
  161. Just eating as much delicious food as I can with the people who matter to me most :)
  162. Each year my entire extending family of about 100 people gather in new braunfels texas to celebrate thanksgiving together. We are spread out all over texas and even in some states and it's a great time for everyone to meet new members of the family. We all watch the longhorn vs. aggie game as well.. half of us are aggies and the other half longhorns!
  163. Just trying to get the family together.
  164. We always watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in the morning while we are preparing food!
  165. Every Thanksgiving day morning we eat breakfast while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!
  166. Lots of family, lots of food!!! This year we are super excited to show off our new arrival! :) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
  167. Food and family are definitely my favourite Thanksgiving traditions!! I'm on the hunt for the perfect diaper bag, and I have 2 girls to pack for so this would be perfect for us!
  168. Just before we eat, we go around the table and each person shares one thing they were thankful for that year.
  169. Family time and yummy meals.
  170. Oh boy do we love cheesy sweaters! Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be complete without them!
  171. having everyone around the table say 2 things there thankful for!
  172. Everyone has their own 'specialty' dish to prepare. We always have lots of good food!!! :)
  173. Our tradition is Thanksgiving on Friday at my dads house. Its more of a party with tons of food and family!! Every year I look forward to the deep fried turkey and pickled corn!!! yum!!
  174. We like to say what we are thankful for every day starting Nov 1 until thanksgiving day!
  175. We always have two Thanksgivings (yes, in one day) We go to my families dinner earlier in the day then head over to my husbands families in the later afternoon. Lots of Turkey!
  176. We spend as much time with family as possible, and myself and a few close friends head out at 3am on Black Friday for our annual shopping / girls day!
  177. We usually drive to all our families houses, but this year we are starting our own tradition of having Thanksgiving at our house with our new baby!!!
  178. I start my turkey three days before thanksgiving brining it in an apple juice and orange slice brine. Then the morning of Thanksgiving three families all get together and I make the dinner while the other moms do crafts with our 10 boys (yes, between the three of us we have 10 boys the oldest is 9) and the men watch football. then after our dinner the men do the washing up while the moms go over the black friday ads. then the dads get to go see a movie together and then when they get back the moms take off and do the same! Then we split up to get the kids to bed and the moms meet up at 4Am to go Black Friday shopping together!
  179. Our family tradition is to start a new tradition every year!
  180. For my Thanksgiving we try and celebrate with our grandparents in Fredericton however sometimes we don't get to. The constant tradition is that we ALWAYS make our stuffing as bread stuffing (stuffed in the turkey) YUM! and celebrate with many family members:)
  181. Dinner with friends and family and a football game in the backyard
  182. Pumpkin Cheesecake! Yum!
  183. We always take the time to express what we're grateful for while sitting around the table...quite a feat with about 35 of us, but soooo worth it! Loooove this time of year!
  184. We hide brussel sprouts throughout the dishes and the game is to find the brussel sprouts. We do this because my husband hates them but eats one per year!
  185. Visit with the whole extended family. The whole Turkey dinner thing, and lots of socializing!
  186. Thanksgiving traditions for us include going to both our parents houses {mine and his} and watching the parade! This year is going to be fun b/c our first is 2 so she is starting to be excited for Santa!
  187. Putting up the Christmas tree after dinner! Complete with Andy Williams playing and eating gingerbread men and drinking Egg nog!!
  188. I love getting together with family and catching up with everyone...especially now with our baby she grows so's nice to get together
  189. We all get together as a family at my parents home. It's been a very special thing for us since my brother and I were very little and we have now passed it down to our children. We have a huge meal, and celebrate all things we are thankful for in our lives and remember those who are no longer with us. This year will be a little different since my brother is deployed to Iraq. After dinner, all the kids get together and help my mom decorate her Christmas tree. It's a VERY special event! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  190. Sharing - what we are thankful for during the year. It is a good memory for me. I wish someone had recorded those moments because many family members are not with us anymore. The niceest part is new family can share and add to our memories.
  191. We go around the dinner table and each family member says what they are thankful for this year :)
  192. We always go to Auntie's house ( my husband's aunt) and bring sweet potato casserole and apple cobbler. At the table, everyone shares the things they are thankful for. After dinner, we debone the turkey, and set aside some for sandwhiches, and the rest is made into yummy turkey soup! After dessert, we take family photos, and a generational photo of the women and then the men, then all together. There are 5 generations in all right now!
  193. We always go to my Aunts and play Euchere with the family - we love it!
  194. hoping we have food on the table for the year :)
  195. Mostly just getting together with family, and of course the annual turkey bowl with my brothers and cousins. Too bad I'm pregnant this year and can't participate.
  196. My little brother was born on Thanksgiving when I was six. So our tradition is to always have cake after the pie!! YUM!!!
  197. everyone at the table states what they are thankful for.
  198. Gather with family from across the miles and enjoy spending time together!
  199. We eat, pray, sleep... Then we drive 3 hours away to shop "midnight madness" at 3 different outlet malls. :-)
  200. A little bit of gentle teasing....we never miss it (specifically, we tease about the new recipes we try and the ones that FAIL!)
  201. Decorating the table with fall leaves, berries, etc that the children collect on thanksgiving day and handmade name cards for each person...the children LOVE this tradition!
  202. For Canadian Thanksgiving, our biggest tradition has just always been that we should be with family, and of course a big turkey dinner with all the fixin's!
  203. When marrying into my DH's family, I became part of the tradition of going around the dinner table and sharing what we're thankful for. Simple yet sentimental.
  204. A great meal with family and friends..oh and PIE of course!!
  205. We always have asparagus casserole that my mother-in-law makes. When it's time to divvy up the leftovers, my sister-in-law and I always "fight" over who gets the leftover casserole! We both look forward to it all year long (both the eating and the fighting!) One of these days, one of us will have to learn how to make it ourselves.
  206. We go to Zion N.P. every year since my husband proposed and we got married there 5 years ago tomorrow. It is a great way for the entire family to come together - we eat turkey dinner at a great place, and no one has to cook or cleanup after dinner.
  207. Skiing!
  208. We all get together with family @ my mom's. Then my husband and I take off to the coast for our annual pilgramage to visit friends for the weekend of shopping for the girls and hunting for the guys.
  209. Our family gets together and we all chip in making Thanksgiving dinner. Lot's of fun and memories made!
  210. eating pumpkin pie morning noon and night!
  211. My husband and I watch the Macy's parade and football. We eat a large turkey dinner and just enjoy a family day.
  212. We make homemade pumpkin pies and homemade cranberry sauce to bring with us to dinners out! We also go to several fairs in the area (Canadian thanksgiving in October)
  213. Our Thanksgiving Tradition is a pretty simple one. Every year we go to one of my sister in laws house, I have three! I always bring the deviled eggs and pies because they love them! Im also the one who video tapes and takes pictures. Then make a vlog and edit the photos for everyone to keep & remember. This year will be the first Thanksgiving my son can try turkey! So exciting! Thanks for the giveaways and I love your daily deals! Sasha
  214. Our tradition is to just be together...
  215. Our tradition is just to have a nice family dinner together. Thankful to have each other.
  216. We always get together with family and friends and before dinner, bow our heads and say a prayer of thanks.
  217. Cooking a big meal for my family and talking about when I was born on Thanksgiving and my mom bent over to check the turkey and realized she was in labor and all the food stayed out on the table for 2-3 days while she delivered me. we sit around and watch movies and rest.
  218. We have no family but our own here in L.A, so we wake up early to homemade cinnamon rolls, then head to the beach. It will be cool this year, but the girls will be bundled and we will get great pictures while Daddy surfs. Then we'll head home and start cooking so we can spend the day with close friends.
  219. Decorating the table with fall leaves, berries, etc that the children collect on thanksgiving day and handmade name cards for each person...the children LOVE this tradition!
  220. Our family gets together and we all chip in making Thanksgiving dinner. Lot's of fun and memories made!
  221. Always go to my mothers house and have dinner, then we usually go to the outlet mall at midnight and go home for about an hour to sleep, then off to Toys r Us, Walmart and Target. Hahaha, yes we are crazy, but I loooooooove good deals and hate to pay full price for anything.
  222. My families Thanksgiving traditions have slowly gone away now that my siblings and I are all adults. I hope to start some traditions with my daughter (18 mo) such as decorating a stocking for christmas, and probably a more common one of going to a movie after dinner.
  223. We like to get the Christmas tree and start with the decorating! It's the first day that Christmas songs are allowed in the house :)
  224. Turkey with the family, football and then game night!!
  225. My mom likes to cook for an army every year no matter how many people are coming to dinner. There were times when it was just my mom, step-dad and me and she still went all out. There were leftovers for days.
  226. Get together with my family and eat until we are stuffed. Then we sit around taking and laughing long into the night.... nothing makes me feel more loved than when I am with my family.
  227. A neighborhood game of flag football in the morning, then eating, then games!
  228. We celebrate Thanksgiving and all we are thankful for as well as my birthday, then the next day we shop til we drop and then we put up all our Christmas decorations! Super fun times!
  229. We do a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt every year with the kids :) along with a full meal with the family !
  230. We spend every Thanksgiving at my moms with many family and friends, so thankful my inlaws can join us this year. We celebrate the life my father had and remember him, Thanksgiving was always his favorite holiday.
  231. Our traditions are eating a huge meal and taking a nap afterwards. Then we go to watch a movie at the theater.
  232. My in-laws are Norwegian, and they make lefse, a thin, tortilla-like bread that we use to hold a little bit of everything. It's like a thanksgiving burrito! Other than that, we are pretty standard... Food, football, and parades!
  234. I didn't grow up with thanksgiving, but am embracing all the food and having time with my wonderful family!
  235. After our big lunch, you either do dishes or head outside to help hang the Christmas lights!
  236. Our traditions are, well, traditional!! We eat yummy food all day, and then eat some more. We try to take it easy and make it as stress free and lazy as possible. We make it a point to talk about what we are thankful for!
  237. to go around and discuss what we're most thankful for in our family.
  238. Eating until you can't move and FOOTBALL!
  239. We always celebrate Thanksgiving at the desert with family and friends :)
  240. My family always watches the Thanksgiving day parade followed by the football games. WE enjoy a wonderful dinner and then we work off dinner with a game of football in the court of my parents house depending on the weather. Sometimes we have to just play a board game inside. Thanksgiving has always been special time of year for our family.
  241. We eat too much! When we were kids we dressed as pilgrims/indians and had a "parade." I think the kids might have to start that this year!
  242. Same ol same ol. Lunch with fam then watching the cowboys game.
  243. Turkey and family!
  244. We celebrate with family and lots of turkey!
  245. Every Thanksgiving morning we get together with our whole family and meet at a local park and we play in the "Turkey Bowl". It's a flag football game that includes anyone who wants to play. Then we go back to the house to eat our Thanksgiving meal!!! So much fun. The "Turkey Bowl" is talked about all year long!!!!!!!
  246. We always have a family meal together and that includes in laws as well! We take a nice fall walk together and take in all the stunning fall colours Canada gas to offer!
  247. Turkey diner with all the trimmings, spent with family and close friends.
  248. We get together with friends and fry a turkey, eat way too much, then go to bed early because my hubby works on Black Friday.
  249. Always dinner at auntie's house. She invites family, friends, the neighbours. Crack open the cracker hats and it's always a competition who can keep theirs on the longest.
  250. Turkey Dinner, saying what we're thankful for, time with family!
  251. Baking and cooking all day, then sharing it with the people I love most in the world! Oh and Sauerkraut, I know it's weird but we always have it on our Thanksgiving table.
  252. My family always gathers at my parent's house, where we play games (Scattergories & Cranium) during the afternoon while the food is cooking!
  253. making handprint turkeys with my daughter. we will have quite a collection when she's older. it's fun and gives a little keepsake for every year :)
  254. I make the pies, and we head to the in-laws. We make a point to go around the table and say what we're thankful for, and about eachother. Then we eat lots of good food, and relax watching football. Finally, Grandma watches the kiddos as we head out for Black Friday!
  255. This is going to be our first Thanksgiving as a family. So very thankful for the little bundle of joy in our life.
  256. eating turkey
  257. a big family dinner 22 of us!
  258. Our tradition is to go hunting for prarie chickens! Ok, we're a little bit redneck-ish...but we're fine with that!hehe!
  259. visiting family up north!!
  260. Making lots of food, having family and any friends who don't have family in the area, over for dinner. :)
  262. Making homemade pies (along with all the typical, traditional goodies) and listening to Alice's Restaurant. :-)
  263. We get together as a family for dinner and everyone brings their favourite thanksgiving dish. When we sit down to eat, we go around the table and say something we are thankful for. After dinner and before dessert, we all go for a walk as a family to burn off some of those thanksgiving calories.
  264. We always have Thanksgiving dinner at the in-law's house. Then, after we are stuffed, we sit down with the Black Friday Ads and plan out our adventures the next morning (starting at 3am haha). Finally, we put up all our Christmas Decor the weekend of Thanksgiving!
  265. We do pre-dinner nachos. They're a great snack to tide you over between breakfast and an early dinner!
  266. Getting our plan of attack together for the stroke o midnight!
  267. watching the macy's parade with my little girls!
  268. Celebration crackers are always a must in our family. Then we exchange the silly gifts you find in them. SO much fun.
  269. Eat, Eat, Eat.... and visit with love ones! :)
  270. Normally I go to my parents for thanksgiving lunch with my parents and my sister and her children. Then if we aren't too tired we drive around and look at Christmas lights. But I am on bed rest this year so staying home in Savannah.
  271. We always say what we are thankful for. This year my baby girl :)
  272. We make tons of paper turkeys out of our hands and display them around the house. We baked cookies, and eat lots of turkey with the family at Grandma's house. My daughter also sings a thanksgiving song in the church's children's choir
  273. Spending the day with family and eating tons of yummy food!!! Being 37 weeks pregnant, I am looking forward to it this year even more than usual! :)
  274. Nice feast with family all around the table ;)
  275. We always have dinner with both sides of the family!
  276. Our only tradition is to be together with friends and family. This year my brother hosted and I cooked a Turkey for the very first time! Everything turned out awesome!
  277. Part of our Thankgiving tradition is to go around the table before we eat, saying what we are thankful for that year!
  278. Homemade Cranberry sauce and Sweet potatoes. We all get together and just have a good visit since we don't get see each other very often and Thanksgiving is when we all can be in the same house :)
  279. My family and my husbands family all go to his Mom's house. Its awesome, no shuttling around to different houses or leaving anyone out. :o)
  280. We get together with my husband's family (he has 9 brothers and sisters!) Dinner. We each bring something to eat - we usually bring dessert. On Thanksgiving Monday we go out to celebrate our wedding anniversary! We were married on Thanksgiving weekend 2 years ago!
  281. At my house we make a point of telling each other what we are most grateful for - that and lots and lots of hugging!
  282. We wake up and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Then we go to my in-laws for dinner. We then head to my aunt's for dessert. We have a busy day!
  283. Well, since I'm new to the US traditions.I married into the USA. We decided to start our own special traditions a couple years back when we had our first son and now we're on #4. Thanksgiving eve, we watch a special holiday movie and let the kids stay up later eating all sorts of special holiday food. Then in the morning we get out all the Christmas deco and decorate while our Thanksgiving meal cooks. After lunch we each make our own Christmas ornament, even the little ones. We have so much fun being together and with my in-laws. Something the kids will always remember because they have an ornament from each year... hand made by them. I love the USA thanksgiving traditions and celebrations. No other country has this special holiday to give thanks to our founders. It's a honour to be part of it.
  284. My grandma's cornbread stuffing.
  285. Thanksgiving morning I make pancakes for my boys and we sit and watch the parade. Then later on in the day we go over to our families house and have a huge dinner together. Before we eat, we all sit down and pray as a family and say what we are thankful for.
  286. Time spent with both families, mine & my husbands. We are lucky that both are very close! So we get 2 thanksgiving dinners, since they are at different times in the day.
  287. Having My Father read the story of the first Thanksgiving!
  288. I think our most important tradition is just to make sure we connect with our family. Having family living in all different cities we always make a point of calling and catching up!! We are also excited to start new traditions with our 5 month old son:)
  289. My favourite tradition of Thanksgiving is the breaking of the wish bone. Every year we save the wishbone of the turkey until the following year and then the kids get to break it using pinkies only and make a wish. It is a bit of fun and something to laugh about.
  290. Every year, I host Thanksgiving at my house. My mother-in-law always cooks the turkey while I make the pumpkin pie and am baking a banana cream this year. As a tradition, we also always have an appetizer tray with pickle slices, celery with peanut butter, olives, and carrots. This year is going to be a very special Thanksgiving for us as my brother is living with Stage 4 lung cancer so this will probably be his last Thanksgiving with us. I am so thankful that we've created these traditions so my daughter and son who are 4 and 18 months, can pass it on to their families.
  291. At my house we make a point of telling each other what we are most grateful for - that and lots and lots of hugging!
  292. we remind ourselves to be grateful for all the blessings we have in our life- great and small.
  293. the only Thanksgiving tradition that I can think of is that recently my family has decided I will host it every year
  294. Cranberry Cheese bread for breakfast while watching the Macy's parade; a walk while the turkey finishes in the oven, a big dinner with all the fancy crystal and china, lots of family time and laughter!
  295. Nothing more than making sure we spend time with both sides of our families - we are so thankful we live within 10 minutes of both! But this year my mom decided we need to start a "real" tradition - a rousing game of basketball followed by an afternoon of dancing! Can't wait for tomorrow!
  296. We spend time as a family, usually at Grandma's house (my mom). There is always a big dinner, usually with turkey, but sometimes a ham instead, or in addition. Part of the tradition is cooking enough food for double than what we actually need... you know, in case a dozen unexpected guests arrive! LOL! Although, the leftovers are nice...
  297. Every Thanksgiving I make a huge meal and invite all our friends, then after we go black friday shopping.
  298. Turkey!!! Great food and friends and family enjoying each others' company.
  299. We see both families for a big Thanksgiving dinner. It is also the anniversary of our engagement, so we have a little extra to celebrate each year!
  300. More deserts then people at the table! YUM
  301. Always going to my families condo down south and cooking as a family! Its wonderful!
  302. We ALWAYS go over to my grandma's house, and she makes at least 5 different pies. They are amazing!
  303. In the past, we've tried to find people who don't have anywhere to go- no local family, new in town, or just have no plans- and we bring them into our house and have a meal. This year, that didn't work out, so we're going to my parents, which normally happens the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving, just happened to work out this way this year!
  304. Eat& eat & eat til I burst and then watch the game! lol
  305. We always watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade before lunch!
  306. We go to grandma's house and enjoy thanksgiving dinner! :)
  307. Baking pies and yummy dinner items from scratch as a family. I love this and so does my 3 year old.
  308. Every Thanksgiving, our family gets together to pig out on great food, enjoy each others company and watch the Macys Thanksgiving parade
  309. Dinner and a whole lot of socializing.
  310. Quiet family dinner at our house so the kids can relax and play without too many interruptions to their schedule. With three kids who are 4, 2 and 4 months we need all the 'normalcy' we can get! :)
  311. I always make my Aunt Jenny's sweet potato souffle and bring it over to the big gathering at my inlaws house here in Phoenix. It's my way of bringing a little bit of my childhood tradition (gathering at Aunt Jenny's!) to my new family. :)
  312. Everyone gets up and helps cook dinner and watch football!!
  313. We go to church in the morning and get dinners with each side of our family at some point over the weekend.
  314. This will be my 10 month old daughters' first Thanksgiving, so we decided that we will put up the Christmas tree and watch Christmas/Holiday movies all day.
  315. our thanksgiving traditions are everyone gets together and grandma makes the turkey and the grand kids make the deserts
  316. We watch the parade in the morning before heading off to the whirlwind of family celebrations!
  317. Baking and enjoying family!
  318. Be home with the family
  319. Going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner and football being on the TV the entire time.
  320. Lots of pie!
  321. Big meal with the whole extended family. We always play bingo!
  322. We all are required to bring two leaves cut out of construction paper with what we are thankful for written on them and we present them before dinner and velcro them on the wall to a big tree we made a few years ago!
  323. Big Turkey dinner with all the fixings and we give thanks to something or someone special!!!
  324. This year will be our first Thanksgiving with our little boy. We hope to shoe him the traditions we have of getting together with the whole family, watching movies, decorating homemade cookies and a long walk after dinner. That is if the snow is not too deep!
  325. We dont really have one and have been starting new ones with our own little family. but one tradition that we have carried over is making our special breakfast side pork and white gravy... it is delicious but not good for you ; ) lol
  326. We always go to grandma's house for it and I always bring the buns and pickles!!
  327. I let my husband do the cooking while I relax and play with the baby.
  328. We are all given a bible verse to do with thanks and even the grandkids read them. Dad/Grandpa talks for a bit and ends by telling us how thankful he is for each one of us and then we indulge in an amazing home cooked dinner. although mom doesn't do turkey on thanksgiving anymore we still have quite the feast. we are working on bringing back the turkey :)
  329. We generally make the Thanksgiving meal so our tradition is that we always start preparing on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving by brining ol' Tom first. Then we continue to prep for the meal since EVERYTHING is made from scratch it takes 2 days to prepare!
  330. In New Orleans, my family's usual Thanksgiving traditions is the last minute calling around town for the prized Turduchen, which is a hen wrapped in a duck, which is then wrapped in a turkey. Sounds overwhelming, but completely fabulous!
  331. We just make sure the whole family is together; grandparents, aunts, uncles and all the kids. Family is our tradition, and what we are thankful for...
  332. Dinner with family
  333. Just a day to enjoy football! Love the 4 day weekend.
  334. The best part of our dinner is the few hours when everyone is arriving and we have tons of appetizers, dips, chips, vegetables and drinks. We are full before dinner even happens! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  335. We go to the beach for Thanksgiving and just relax! This year, we won't be able to do that because my mother has been diagnosed with ALS and is quickly becoming less able to do basic things like eat and walk. And, since this is Lucy's first Thanksgiving we will be able to start some new traditions.
  336. Dinner with the family and checking out Black Friday deals!!
  337. we always go on a long drive to get our christmas tree in the mountains Thanksgiving morning. Then, we go to my in law's house for Dinner. Then we go for the weekend to Island park to celebrate some more!! Super Fun.
  338. At out family thanksgiving, someone who did the silliest thing that year is awarded the "turkey award". The person from the previous year who was awarded it gets to give it out the following year. It is a lot of fun and something to talk about.
  339. Planning our plan of attack for Black Friday with my mom...
  340. I know this is going to sound weird but...Swiss Chalet is typically what we do on Thanksgiving. We're not very close to family so it's just the kids and us. Kinda pointless to make the whole spread. My oldest thinks it's hysterical!
  341. We have a big family dinner, say what we are thankful for and this year i announced our second pregnancy that way. We also go for a long walk in the beautiful woods out here, the whole family.
  342. Getting together as a family and enjoying each others company while eating lots of deliciousness!
  343. Traditional dinner at my mom's, I always make the pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce.
  344. The best tradition is the kids making rolls with grandma. They look forward to that most of all.
  345. The day after Thanksgiving we shop and then put out the decorations for Christmas while listening to Holiday music.
  346. I hope to be able to start new traditions this year with my new son!!
  347. Going to both families for Thanksgiving! It makes for a busy day, but it wouldn't be the same not seeing everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!
  348. Eating lots of Turkey!!!!
  349. Time with family, big meal, and Dallas Cowboy football. Also looking at the ads to map out Black Froday shopping route.
  350. We eat bacon wrapped turkey!!
  351. On Thanksgiving, my family gets together at my parents' house and we all enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner together. Because my birthday is always around Thanksgiving, family and friends come over later for leftovers, desserts, and games. I love how low-key the day is and I get to spend my birthday with the ones I love. :)
  352. Getting together with family and having dinner. Nothing out of the ordinary :)
  353. We are excited to start new traditions in our young family. Of course we gather with family and I am cooking my mom's traditional dishes, but with two young kiddos, we want to start new things for them to look forward to each year. We will be reading Abraham Lincoln's proclamation that created the Thanksgiving holiday. We will be making a Thanksgiving ornament for the Chritmas tree (that will be put up this weekend) that will be about something that we are thankful for. And we will be choosing how we will help another family who is less fortunate than us this season! I am looking forward to seeing my kids get into the Holiday spirit this year!
  354. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream for breakfast! Friends, family, turkey and many thanks. Growing up in Canada with an American mom we always celebrated both Canadian and American Thanksgivings. I have kept that tradition up for my family - twice as thankful, twice as full ;)
  355. Retelling our engagement story--we got engaged 9 years ago tomorrow!
  356. We write what we are thankful for on a special tablecloth that only gets used on Thanksgiving!
  357. On Thanksgiving day we go to my moms for the huge family dinner. Then the next day I prepare a Thanksgiving meal for my small family. It's fun to see everybody at the big meal, but I really enjoy the quiet time with my small family to reflect on all we are thankful for.
  358. Eating as much pumpkin pie as humanly possible!
  359. my husband is in the military and every year for thanksgiving he, myself and our daughter spend thanksgiving with our friends who are a lot like family.
  360. Being with family - wherever that may be. And of course the food!
  361. Turkey of course. Watching the Macy's thanksgiving parade and a movie out with the kids.
  362. Cooking a wonderful feast and best of all gathing with all our many friends and family.
  363. We always cook the dinner as a family!! I am in Canada so we do other fall type things. We usually bake up a storm with apples that we have just picked from a local orchard!!
  364. For Thanksgiving my whole family meets at my dad's place. My great aunt brings her famous sweet potato pie while everyone else brings a side dish. My dad before the meal always gives thanks while shedding a few tears. The whole family sits around the table while the room becomes filled with conversations and laughter and after an hour everyone starts to slow down and get sleepy. If I had to choose my favorite holiday I would say that Thanksgiving is it! It's a time when the whole family comes together to give thanks and eat wonderful food.
  365. an oven stuffer, NOBODY likes turkey :)
  366. Thanksgiving for us is just all about family. Getting together and playing games while the turkey roasts then gathering together around a table full of food and being very grateful for everything we have!