A Note From Our Founder + 6 New Changes at Steals.com

Update: 8/10/2015

Hello there,

I'm so thankful to have such loyal and dedicated fans like yourself. Because of that, Iโ€™m excited to tell you about some amazing upgrades and changes at Steals.com - and what it will mean to you.

I built this company back in 2008 to be a daily shopping and discovery destination for like-minded women and moms. Iโ€™m passionate about serving our customers every single day and making improvements to the business everywhere we can to make Steals.com a better and easier experience for you.

Here are 6 NEW changes you need to know!

  1. Now One Deal a Day!
    Thatโ€™s right โ€“ now our Steals will last 24 hours instead of 12. There will no longer be evening steals and the new steals will start every morning at 8am PST like they always have
  2. Steal prices just got BETTER!
    With one amazing deal every 24 hours, weโ€™re able to reduce the price even further during it's daily feature time
  3. Email Exclusives!
    Stay in the know, and share with your friends, because our email subscribers will receive exclusive steals that the general public never sees
  4. Easier Shopping!
    You can now search our available items by keyword, or browse our full store by category
  5. Shipping!
    For a limited time, all that you can add to your shopping cart costs only $2.99 to ship! (USA only)
  6. Steal Points!
    Don't worry - even though there is no evening steal, you will still earn 8 Steal Points per day just by viewing each Daily Steal! (2 points per website, must be logged in). Also, you still earn 2 points for each dollar spent on merchandise.

We hope you enjoy these improvements, and we look forward to continuing to send joy to each and every one of you. Share your steals with us on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #igotitonsteals. We like and comment on every one and love to connect with you!

Sending Joy,