12 days of joy

We're thrilled to announce the launch of "12 days of Joy"

Our spin on the typical holiday tradition 12 Days of Xmas. Our mission at Steals is #wesendjoy, so this holiday season we're encouraging people to nominate someone in their life that needs some JOY. At the same time we'll be encouraging everyone to send joy to others and use the hashtag #wesendjoy to spread the love.

Do you know someone who deserves a little joy? Have things been tough lately? Are they inspiring and deserve some recognition? Is there someone you are thankful for?

We've partnered with some of our amazing brands who share our same purpose, and we're giving away Joyful gifts every single day for 12 days. Enter to win below by entering your email, "Who" you are nominating, and "Why" they deserve it.


Watch the replay of our 12-Days-Of-Joy Live Video Event:

Here's where to get hints on our daily giveaways and EXTRA entries!

Treasure Map:
Tue-December 1st Steals.com & VIP Only The Winner is... Denise H. - Kind Earth Apothecary Gift Set
Wed-December 2nd KidSteals Instagram @ 12pm PST The Winner is... Katheryn L. - Slice Elite Handbag
Thur-December 3rd SheSteals Facebook @ 12pm PST The Winner is... Kristi K. - Kore Stool
Fri-December 4th Live Blab @ 10am PST The Winner is... Frances R. - Baby Bedtime Gift Basket
Sat-December 5th ScrapbookSteals Instagram @ 12pm PST The Winner is... Jennifer M. - Kore Stool
Sun-December 6th SheSteals Blog @ 12pm PST The Winner is... Celia G. - Star Wars Night Lights Set
Mon-December 7th KidSteals Facebook @ 12pm PST The Winner is... Danielle B. - Hape Wood Toys Gift Set
Tue-December 8th SheSteals Instagram @ 12pm PST The Winner is... Sonya V. - New Baby Bedtime Gift Basket
Wed-December 9th ScrapbookSteals Facebook @ 12pm PST The Winner is... Kathy J. - Exclusive ScrapbookSteals Swag Box
Thur-December 10th KidSteals Blog @ 12pm PST The Winner is... Amber C. - Health & Beauty Gift Bag
Fri-December 11th Live Blab & Periscope The Winner is... Chad G. - Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag & BILD Animate Toy Set
Sat-December 12th SheSteals Facebook @ 12pm PST The Winner is... Tracey - GRAND PRIZE $100 Gift Card

Enjoy some of our favorite entries. We ♥ our fans!

  • I nominate my mom, Janice, she's absolutely incredible and taught me to be the best mom. ~Lindsay S.
  • My best friend, Bree, is a single mom and is so inspiring. She deserves joy because she never complains. Never! ~Marie L.
  • My wife Kate has had 3 miscarriages this year. She is strong and beautiful and deserves the world. ~Dave S.
  • Please send some joy to my Aunt Anne, who recently unexpectedly lost her son at a young age. I wish I could take away her pain. Sending Love. ~Melissa M.
  • My neighbor Brandy shoveled my driveway of snow the other day because my husband was out of town. Now SHE deserves some Joy. #randomactofkindness ~Kim R.
  • Daniel has suffered financially for months due to an injury, but still goes out in pain to provide for his family. ~Amy L.
  • She struggles financially but never neglects the boys and always finds a way to make their lives as joyous as possible during these tough times. I admire her for not giving up and working so hard to be the best mom and best woman she can be! Lisa- you rock! ~Denise H.
  • Janna is a wonderful person who does many tasks for her friends and neighbors. She puts people before herself. ~Katheryn L.
  • [Amy] Shes a great mom who just had her 4th baby ~Celia G.
  • Stefanie is a mom of 5 (including) a newborn and a full-time student, yet always manages to find time to have people over despite her crazy schedule. ~Chantal L.
  • Mary gives to everyone over herself. She has had a difficult year losing her 'adopted' grandson of only 14 yrs old to cancer this past Spring. She struggles to keep going and works hard to keep going. She misses him horribly and know this is going to be a tough Christmas without him! Mary has made many many scrapbooks for his Mom to document his cancer journey. Scrapbooking is a outlet in many ways. ~Kathy J.
  • She's [Cindy's] a nursing instructor, awesome mom & grandma, and living alone while my Dad helps me with my kids so I can finish school ~Amber C.
  • My husband is a great father to our two boys who have Autism. He gives up a lot to make sure that they have everything that they need. I would love to surprise him and bring him some joy! ~Jennifer H.
  • Sheena just found out that she is pregnant with a healthy baby boy. This comes after a first pregnancy of an unknown, undiagnosed, Down syndrome son which she engraved with fierce love and acceptance, one healthy girl pregnancy, another girl who was diagnosed earlier this year with cerebral palsy that had an extremely risky pregnancy, and then suffered a miscarriage earlier this year as well. This is a joyful time for her, as she has been praying for this moment for many years. ~Chad G.
  • Jenny is an elementary school principal in a school where most of the student population is in need. She is a person who sacrifices on a daily basis for the needs and well being of her students. She helps students who are hungry, cold, and don't have a great shot at life. She is also a newlywed, and commits a ton of time to the young learners in her building each day, and every weekend. In schools like Jenny's school, there is sometimes not a lot of celebration in the holiday season, and while some principals in some schools get many tokens of thanks during this ~Tracey


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