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Hi, my name is Brittani and my family and I started up Zola Papaya for a very personal reason. I was admitted to the hospital for the last two months of my twin pregnancy due to the high risk of the type of pregnancy. Meanwhile my husband took care of the two older kids, worked full time, volunteered at church and handled the rest of busy life. It was a stressful time and we really didn't know if the twins would make it. The girls were born early due to complications and both were in the NICU for six weeks. We are happy to say they are now both very healthy and happy babies, but because our family was apart for so long I knew I had to find a way to spend more time with them. Zola Papapaya allows me to spend time at home with the kids, and the older two love to put together packages and help with the family business however they can. At Zola Papaya we believe in spoiling the Moms that do so much for their kids. We have adorable baby and kids products but we also try to find fun things to spoil Mom as well. When you place an order with us you may even receive a surprise gift for yourself in your package. For all the Mommies out there, we appreciate you and we know your kids do too! Remember, to the world you are Mom to your kids, but to your kids you are the World! Thank you for supporting our family business as we spread appreciation for the busy parents in our lives!
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