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He was 40 years old when president Nakagawa quit his job at a major trading company and went independent. His business began in a small room in an apartment. There was only one desk and one phone. That was his corporation. It was not until several years later that his business finally got on track. Nakagawa’s first business involved “natural wood.” He loved touching wooden furniture. To relax and instantly calm down, he would knock on wood. It is strange why that always works. And “wood” became the core of his business. Nakagawa has a thing about wooden products not just because he likes it or because he grew up in the countryside. He found that things made of “natural wood” nurtured family communication. It was something different from what you could get out of high tech gadgets or strong materials. Toys made of natural materials have warmth and depth that synthetic materials cannot compare to. Woody Puddy utilizes the feel and weight of natural woods to provide sensual nourishments for a child's emotional development. Their toys are meant to be educational but also intuitive in which a child can creatively discover the functions of everyday tools by naturally mimicking activities such as cooking or creating a food presentation.
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