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Uh Oh Bands is a family-owned and family-run company that started with a conversation at a party and an idea. One, solid, slightly brilliant, "why is no one doing that" idea. ​ They are the parents of a toddler who means the world to them and worry constantly about said toddler. They are parents first and foremost. They also work with kids for a living. Their day jobs and their home life are all about kids. ​ So along comes an idea, an extremely simple idea, on how to help keep kids safe. An idea that takes something that they already know - the silicone wristband - and uses it in a conversational setting with a simple call to action. "Uh Oh, I'm Lost" is a simple, non-threatening way for kids to tell an adult that they've "misplaced" their parent and need to get back to them. They use the international safety symbol of the cross that most people are familiar with even if they don't speak English. Thanks for joining them in the fight to keep our kids safe! Now go put on your wristband so that you can go to the beach!

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