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Tundra Gear is a 7-year-old company started by one of the winners of the original reality TV show โ€œSurvivor.โ€ Their journey started with designing cold weather hats that keep passionate sports fans toasty and comfortable in extreme elements. Acquired in 2014 by a tech savvy, outdoor lifestyle team in Northern California, Tundra Gear now focuses on enhancing your every day experiences in the elements. Knowing how music makes everything better, they decided to harness the latest technology and create their Bluetooth beanies that deliver sound straight through your cozy headwear. Best of all, they are wireless. These wearable headphones are great for hiking and cold weather activities, but some of their staff (who are avid runners) had another idea. They needed something lightweight and streamlined. Something that would resist sweat and wick water. And they definitely needed to be 100% integrated for zero distractions and tangled messes. And so our newest product, the Tundra Band was born. Their ultimate goal is to provide you with freedom from distractions and superior safety and comfort so you can fully enjoy being in your element. Whether thatโ€™s out at your gym, on a back road, on top of a mountain, or anywhere in between.

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