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Tivoli Couture is an award winning company specializing in Practical Luxury™ solutions for strollers, car seats and baby carriers For Baby's Comfort Year Round™. Their tag line Practical Luxury™ sums up their mission: to create innovative and expertly functional items that offer everyday luxury, at an accessible price. Realizing that baby gear can add up in price as well as volume, Tivoli Couture is dedicated to creating products that are multi-functional and affordably priced too. Examples of their innovative and trend setting products include: stroller liners that double as changing pads and tummy time mats; the 3 in 1 Mommy’s Hug™ carrier cover which can be used with any baby carrier, stroller or car seat; The 4 in 1 Miracle Wrap™ Bunting System which works as a foot muff, blanket, picnic or floor mat, and can easily be folded into a pillow! All Tivoli Couture products are built for year-round use and are geared towards helping parents maximize the value of their investments. They are inspired by their children and are focused on the needs and feedback of their valued customers. With growing distribution across the world, every year tens of thousands new parents are getting a chance to discover Tivoli Couture’s exceptional products, and the very best in Practical Luxury™.

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