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When Larry and Mark from the TickleMe Plant Company were children, they would show off their TickleMe Plants and watch the looks of amazement and excitement on their friend’s faces. Mark became a science teacher and over his 30 years of teaching, he has had many budding scientists experience the joy of raising their own TickleMe Plants. Larry and Mark decided to form the TickleMe Plant Company, so that they could make the TickleMe Plant experience available to all people young and old. Many children (and adults) have never been exposed to the joy and importance of plants. Watching a plant grow and move can be an unforgettable experience. They don’t want children and those young at heart, to lose “touch” with our living world. In addition, we donate 1% of all profits after taxes to The Nature Conservancy’s program, ‘Adopt an Acre’®, to save the rainforest.

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