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The Ollie Swaddle came into being while helping a foster child, Oliver who was on the verge of being labeled "failure to thrive". Finding it difficult to find the right swaddle and working with Oliver's pediatric neuro-developmental psychologist, the "Ollie Swaddle" was created. Oliver's new swaddle moved with him through the night, keep a comforting pressure from his shoulders to his feet, and helped keep him cool. And Oliver had dramatic changes, like sleeping through the night, eating, weight gain, and catching up to his developmental milestones. After Oliver was adopted in 2009 and realizing other parents are in similar situations, the Ollie World was founded in 2013 with a vision to see every baby flourish from conception to crawling, along with a journey to connect parents and practitioners to neuro-developmental resources, like The Ollie Swaddle.

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