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She is the loving mother of two precious children, one of whom is my true inspiration for The Cibo. It seems that Sami, her gregarious 5 year old, could not get thru one single meal, snacks included, without spilling most of it on the floor! When you have a child like Sami, who loves her snacks, you’re talking about at least 6+ meals or snacks a day! It got to the point that although her children loved certain foods, like rice in all it’s glorious stickiness, she refused to make it. As most mothers can attest to, the cleaning up after your children NEVER, EVER stops! So, the idea of The Cibo was born, and now the only thing she doesn't have to clean up after them is the floor! As a mother and entrepreneur, they are always thinking of new and innovative products that can help simplify life. With The Cibo they created a product that will make life easier for parents. We all know that there is never enough time in the day to accomplish all that we need to do! Now, at least there’s a little less mess to clean up!

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