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My name is Helen, founder of Sweet Honeysuckle Boutique. We offer unique items for individual to be able to shop from anywhere on the go. I used to find myself needing a perfect gift but no time to actually to shopping. The name came from my childhood. My mom had a row of honeysuckle on a fence row. I would love the smell of honeysuckle in the summertime therefore Honeysuckle Monogramming Company was born in 2014 in the garage in a small Middle Tennessee town in the middle of no where not even a red light. In 2017 we changed our name to Sweet Honeysuckle Boutique because we started to carry different items. We have a love of unique items. Just click on the catalog button for a tour of our products. Unlike other competitiors we strive to make a pleasant transaction without the stress of shopping for the perfect present. HAPPY SHOPPING!!

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