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Strappys Decorative Bra Straps was born out of necessity. Living in Southern California, founder Allison Mercer loved to wear tank and spaghetti-strap tops but found strapless bras didn’t provide the support she needed. “I am not one to just run around with ugly bra straps showing, so I had to decorate them.” she said. She then had an A-ha moment when she spotted celebrities wearing very expensive jewelry bra straps. She decided to make this fashion accessory available to everyday women as a fashion solution for unsightly bra straps and clear bra straps. “There’s an interchangeable bra strap to fit everyone’s style – our shoulder jewelry is fun and flirty bling for your bra,” said Mercer. Now Strappys offers a full lineup of fashion bra straps that are comfortable, pretty and affordable enough for the average woman. With Strappys Decorative Bra Straps you’ll actually want to show off your straps. No more battles to keep unsightly bra straps out of sight. Strappys is dedicated to offering fashion solutions that make women look and feel sexy – without giving up comfort. Check out their embellished colored bra straps, rhinestone bra straps, and beaded bra straps and you will learn the fashion secrets to wearing shoulder jewelry that turns heads.

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