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Static Schmaticยฎ was created by two moms, Kris and Whitney, who are also mother and daughter. Living in the picturesque mountains of Aspen, Colorado the battle with static continues year-round. Craving an odorless, air-friendly means to manage static, Kris spent three years making a variety of her own natural formulas. They eventually teamed up with an inventive chemist in Boulder, Colorado to create an all-natural, odorless, people, pet and planet-friendly formula. It took almost one year to perfect the formula. Kris and Whitney tested Static Schmatic on everything from clean, dried loads of laundry to crisp linens and bedding to running clothes, skirts, jackets, shirts, their own hair and more. Local retailers also helped in the testing phase by spraying Static Schmatic on clothes on the racks as well as on people trying on clothes. Almost immediately, the rave reviews started pouring in! Static Schmatic is made in the United States of America.

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