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Shortly after the birth of our first child I had one of those light bulb moments parents have from time to time. This one came about when I was doing something I had been doing almost every day since she had been born: placing her into her car seat. I found I was getting increasingly frustrated by either waking her from a sound slumber (like most parents, there are times I would rather walk on hot coals than wake my baby) or by being concerned about hurting her when trying to pull the belts out from underneath her little body. But it wasn’t until I went to place my sweet little angel into her car seat after our trip to the grocery store that I actually became concerned for her safety. It was summer and, during the time we had been inside the store, the seatbelt buckles had become extremely hot and posed a burning risk to her delicate baby skin. I stopped and thought to myself, β€œThere has to be a better way.” That was my light bulb moment and the inspiration for Buggy Buttons. My husband and I created Buggy Buttons because we believe that, when it comes to taking care of your little ones, Mom and Dad really do know best.

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