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It started with a mom. A mom who wanted to protect her baby. And really, don’t we all just want to do that? This mom had her baby girl in the fall of 1998. She realized the weather would soon be turning cold and she was always on the go. She didn't want to take her newborn out into that chilly winter weather, and worst of all–subject her to all those germs. But she knew she didn’t want to use a blanket. Her hand might slip on the carrier handle. Plus, she knew from experience it would fly up in the wind and it would be pointless. After a search of every baby store came up empty, she decided to make a cover of her own. Whew–baby saved! Ten years later when her oldest daughter Kirsten became pregnant and wanted a cover too they realized there was still nothing like it out there. So they decided to make Sprout Shell available to moms everywhere. Now moms can cover their little sprouts with style and ease without worry!

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