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Spray Pal is a small, family-run, company with products proudly made in the USA. Spray Pal owner, Jennifer, and her husband started cloth diapering their daughter when she was 3 months old after dealing with constant blow outs with disposables. A few months later, she started solids, and they welcomed the diaper sprayer with open arms. That is, until they actually used it and realized that they could not perfect the magic spraying technique so many people speak of. That’s when the Spray Pal was born and Jennifer could spray away to her heart’s content at full pressure. And all was right with the world. Now Jennifer's daughter is 3 and they welcomed a son who is in cloth diapers — the Spray Pal legacy lives on in their home. Jennifer and her husband are elementary school teachers by day, and run Spray Pal in their free time. Their hope is that the Spray Pal will encourage even the most squeamish skeptics that modern cloth diapering really doesn’t have to be “gross”. It’s the perfect answer to that question you always get when you first tell someone you’re using cloth: “What DO you do with the poopy diapers?” You Spray Pal them, of course!

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