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When the Hayley Mullins, Sleep Belts founder, had her daughter, she was the most calm and peaceful baby when she was cuddled on her chest, skin-to-skin. While the bonding was amazing, constantly holding her in that same position would lock her hands and arms in place. She tried various slings to free her hands, but she found most of them were too complicated or took too long to put on (seconds can feel like hours when you’ve got a crying newborn). Her other challenge was the transfer – trying to seamlessly move her sleeping baby from the wrap or sling to her crib was impossible. Every time her baby would wake up crying, and she’d be back at square one with the baby cuddled on her chest, skin-to-skin, and her hands locked in that same position. One morning, she had a big scare while trying to multitask; her daughter rolled off her chest, onto the floor… thank goodness she was okay. After a few panicked phone calls, and a number of tears, she took to the internet and realized that she was not alone – lots of babies have fallen off parent’s chests…and not everyone can admit it! Not long after the guilt wore off, SleepBelt was born. Both Stretchy and snug, the SleepBelt hugs your baby against you while allowing for simple transfer to a crib or bassinet. Facilitating hands-free bonding, SleepBelt lets you enjoy your baby’s warmth and peace, while allowing you to read a magazine, play on your tablet, or connect with friends and family on the phone. With a new baby, breaks are important. Make the most of them.

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