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At Simply Baked, we believe in the art of entertaining. We are a team of mothers, partners, professionals, friends and community members that bring together our respective talents for a collective vision . . . to celebrate the beauty in each moment. What started with 2 entrepreneurs and a baking cup has blossomed into a sophisticated line of entertaining products that brings a unique elegance and whimsy to every occasion. Like you, we are busy juggling our many responsibilities and yet we also strive to find the time to celebrate our relationships and moments in the way they deserve . . . and we donโ€™t like to compromise style for ease. With that in mind, weโ€™ve carefully created products that are eco-friendly and both disposable and bio-degradable and of course, oh so adorable. Whether youโ€™re returning a cup of sugar to a neighbor, caring for a friend in need or walking your daughter down the aisle, our collection of thoughtful entertaining and baking products leave your guests feeling cared for, your occasion memorable and your kitchen clean. As our line grows, our vision remains true. Let us help you to entertain elegantly, every day and watch your guests leave with a smile on their faces and a little warmth in their hearts. Happy Baking . . . Happy Entertaining . . . Happy Everyday!

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