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SBD Sportswear is the brainchild of Sue Berk. Prior to starting SBD Sportwear, Sue sold ceramic crosses, baby blankets, frames and other baby products under the Sue Berk Designs Brand name. When Sue's own daughter started to grow up, and develop a passion for gymnastics, she set about designing and producing leotards, and SBD Sportswear was born. SBD Sportswear strives to create the highest quality product, but with fun, bright patterns which appeal to tweens as well as moms. The leotards and shorts incorporate high quality mystique fabrics, and have extra touches, such as lined crotches, careful stitching and great fit. Whether your little girl is heading for the Olympics, or just trying out gymnastics for a year or 2, she will love the fit, quality and style of SBD Sportswear products.

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