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ro•sham•bo baby is owned and operated by husband and wife Scott & Julia. They started their company after realizing that nobody was making high quality baby sunglasses while at a baseball game with a friend’s newborn. Scott put his adult shades on him and lightening struck. Two years later, they had the world’s best baby sunglasses ready for your little ones! Scott didn't want stop there though, he wanted to wear matching unbreakable pink shades with avery, so he made kids and adult sizes so the whole family can match! Their name is a reference to the nostalgic game we all grew up playing (otherwise know as “rock, paper, scissor,” but “rock paper scissor baby” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…). it also pays tribute to their autism support mission: special education and autism teachers have told us that playing ro•sham•bo can be a valuable teaching tool when kids need a quiet, calming, and personal interaction with a teacher.

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