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Potty Tots was created by a mom and teacher who was struggling with potty training her youngest daughter. She wanted to make potty training a FUN and POSITIVE experience. But she also knew that she needed a program that was very visual and could show her daughter what she needed to do to be successful. This would foster independence and build confidence and self- esteem. When she couldn’t find just what she needed, she decided to create a program that would engage and entertain toddlers in this first little task in taking care of themselves. She started with a little potty chart and from there sketched the ideas for the characters and storyline with her sister (also an mom and teacher). A team of wonderfully talented people brought her vision to life and the Potty Tots were born! And they have been helping toddlers all over the world to sing and dance to learn the six steps of potty training and to “ditch the diaper” for good!

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