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After yet another fruitless shopping trip with her then, 12 year old son, it was time for Path and Laftr founder Michele Fildes to change the game. They both wanted to buy clothing that had a little more style, more color, better quality fabrics and garment construction. and all for a price that would make a wallet happy. With a background in Childrenโ€™s fashion design and buying, it was an obvious time for Michele to start something. Path and Laftr Clothing Inc was born, just for Boys, apparel challenged years from 7-16 years old. Path and Laftr believe in designing and manufacturing clothes for a generation that is growing up very differently, with the influence of electronics on everyday life and with very different choices and interests. They ensure their partner factory in India uses best practices for both the workers and the environment. Path and Laftr Clothing Inc also has committed to donating a percentage of profits to help educate children in India and also here at home in Canada.
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