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OiOi Baby bags are the brainchild of Lisa Bennetts. Unimpressed by the "patchwork, dotty and character-emblazoned" diaper bags, Bennetts adapted "a little black handbag" after her daughter, Isabella, was born in 1997 - a stylish idea soon defeated by the paraphernalia that newborns attract. She needed to get organized and wanted something plain her husband would feel comfortable carrying. Her search resulted in another birth: the Classic Messenger bag, an "incognito" microfibre model. The design was the first in the new mum's range of OiOi baby bags - sassy satchels with not a fluffy bear in sight. She tailored the designs for mothers like herself, with careers, having their first babies in their mid-30's, and in the search of bags that reflected their style, not their baby's.

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