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The Hair Popz story began when my friend Julie and I tried to find a way to dye our 9 year old daughters’ hair without investing a lot of time and money into the process. I had tried dying my daughter's hair a a year before and the temporary dye was a disaster. The color faded, but never disappeared completely, so we had to cut inches off her hair. I vowed never to do that again, but knew there had to be an easier solution. The two of us began looking for other alternatives. Chalk is messy and dull, and does not show up well, especially in darker hair. We tried some hair pieces but found the hair to be too heavy, hard to attach, and lacking in exciting, vibrant color blends. We just could not find a product that was fun, easy to attach, and lightweight. We started working with some manufacturers and after a lot of trial and error to get the weight, blend and look right, we finally produced a prototype. We wanted the hair to be light in weight but to look full when worn and easy to attach. We also needed good quality hair that would not tangle and become unusable after a few wears. We tried several batches of samples and manufacturers before we found the right combination that matched our high quality standards. Our hair consists of a high quality synthetic fiber that can be washed, curled and straightened. It is tangle resistant and easy to brush. It looks, acts and feels like real hair and comes in fun color blends and names. Our company mission is to give kids a chance to be fun and creative and express themselves through color.
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