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They say that great companies and products are born from a very specific need—and such is certainly the case with Mommy Water. The idea for Mommy Water's line of prenatal vitamin supplements sparked in 2013 when Mommy Water's CEO Evan and his wife Kellie found out that they were expecting their first child. An experienced ideator and product developer in the sports and lifestyle nutrition space, Evan was committed to finding the perfect pre-natal vitamin for his wife. The problem soon became apparent—there was no such thing as a perfect prenatal vitamin. Evan’s wife, like so many other women, experienced morning sickness through the first trimester of her pregnancy. To further compound the issue, she wanted to be as healthy as she possibly could during her term, and strove to be diligent with her pre-natal horse pills. From there, between morning sickness, frequent restroom visits due to highly concentrated prenatal vitamin doses, and limited water consumption as a result of both, it became clear to Evan that there had to be a better way. Enter Dr. Victor Chan. For years, Dr. Chan, one of America's premier OB/GYNs, has fielded thousands of questions concerning pre-natal vitamins and made countless recommendations as to which ones to take. Like Evan, Dr. Chan recognized the opportunity to improve the experience of his patients and all expecting mothers-to-be. A newly pregnant woman would eventually bring these two together and from that meeting - Mommy Water was born.

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