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Mommy Necklaces are a unique shower gift; a nursing necklace for a distracted breastfed baby; a way to make your everyday wardrobe shine. In becoming mothers, we often give up so much of ourselves โ€” and for good reason! But thanks to the durability of Mommy Necklaces, mamas can still accessorize with style. Guaranteed from breakage, made from high-quality, USA-manufactured acrylic beads, and lab-tested for safety, Mommy Necklaces offers an innovative and copyright-protected collection of necklaces that makes wearing necklaces (awesome!) and being a mom (more awesome!) a fantastically awesome pair. Not only are their necklaces stylish and trendy, but our functional designs help with your everyday mommy duties. Some challenges of mommy-hood are just given: Distractibility during nursing; a toddler who won't leave your fragile necklaces alone; a sensory-seeking infant who wants nothing to do with sitting in church or the grocery cart but would love to twiddle and break your hair! A Mommy Necklace is a simple way to elevate the everyday mommy-combo of jeans and t-shirt. Our designs are for everyone who enjoys stylish jewelry, not just those nursing a baby. No matter your current age or stage of mommy-hood, Mommy Necklaces got you covered.

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