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Emilie conceived of Mommee Coffee during her second pregnancy. She is a passionate coffee drinker. For her, it's about the caffeine for sure but it's also about the taste, the smell, the experience, the routine, how it makes her feel emotionally. She stumbled through her first pregnancy drinking decaf and watered-down regular coffee and felt guilty on the days when she indulged in a full caf pumpkin spice latte. By the time she was in full bloom with her second baby, she was fed up and had talked to enough fellow moms to know she wasn't alone. The actual idea came to her on one of the rare days in which she had more than 10 minutes alone to think, on a solo drive from the San Francisco Bay Area down to her childhood home in San Diego. By the time she reached her parents' house she had the name Mommee Coffee and the beginnings of the vision for the company.

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