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In 2003, two young moms made baby carriers inspired from traditional models similar to those found in Colombia, their country of origin. While they originally only intended to have them for their personal use, they quickly drew the interest of other parents who had never considered this method of carrying their baby. As they shared similar ideals of parenthood and professional life, they decided to go into business together, founding Maman Kangourou Inc. in September 2003. By innovating on traditional baby carriers, they came up with five different models to meet the various baby wearing needs expressed by their clientele. The word spread about Maman Kangourou Inc., leading to rapid growth and impressive results! Along with creating the Kangaroo Club right from their first sale, the company works in collaboration with various professional organizations to raise awareness about the benefits of baby wearing. In the province of Quebec, Maman Kangourou is a pioneer of the practice.

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