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Luv Chicken was founded in May of 2012 by Ann Hurley, Seattle graphic designer and mother of two (Stella Mae, age 7 and Stanley Ryder, age 4). When her daughter, Stella, turned 2, she refused to sit at the table in her plastic booster. It was not comfortable and the boost it provided was too high causing Stella to hit her knees on the bottom of the table. When Ann took the booster away, Stella could no longer reach the table without kneeling on the hard chair resulting in a lot of wiggling around at dinner time. The next solution was to stack adult seat cushions on the chair. They were much more comfortable and gave Stella the boost she needed. However, within days they were dirty and stained and the ties that held them in place had ripped off the cushions. They would slide right off the chair each time Stella climbed on top. Ann put her creative product design experience to use and came up with one product that solved all these problems.

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