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LUMIST VS. "THE OTHER GUYS": Over the counter as well as professional teeth whitening systems on the market today have many drawbacks with regard to how their whitening process works. Lumist Whitening Strips have a superior delivery system that overcomes the weaknesses present in competitive products. There are many whitening brands that claim to be the best in whitening. The only problem is they're using mostly the same ingredients and technology that can take up to 30 days to complete. That's where Lumist makes a difference. Instead of using the same old formula as other brands, Lumist has innovated it's formulation to bring you less tooth and gum sensitivity, more comfortable feel, and better results in 5 days or less. So you can continue to go with β€œthe other guys” and hope for the best or do yourself a favor and try Lumist Comfort Strips and get better, faster, more noticeable results!

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