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Zak, the Founder & CEO of Little Duck Organics always had notebooks filled with doodles and sketches and things. He dreamed of building, creating and making wild and crazy things from those sketches. Now he's a grownup with two young kiddos and one on the way and he continued to sketch. But this time, his wild and crazy sketches were of wild and crazy snacks. What kind of snacks you ask? Wellโ€ฆ they were made from 100% organic fruit. They were non-GMO project verified. They had no added sugar. They were made of delicious blueberries, apples, bananas, mangoes, strawberries, and pineapples. They were in colorful packaging. They encompassed the ultimate snacktime trifecta {tasty, healthy , and convenient}. Now, with the Little Duck Organics team, in the magical land of Brooklyn, Zak is still sketching - every single day - to continue creating wild snacks for that magical time of dayโ€ฆ snacktime.

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