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As a new parent, Lyndsey learned very quickly that sleepy time was everything. She would sometimes spend an hour rocking, pacing, and bouncing her little bundle to sleep, gently lay him in his crib, and as soon as he’d hear that little click of the door latch, would wake right back up again. No matter how stealthy she was, the door noise was sometimes out of her control. After taking their little one a jog one morning, coming home, and finally getting him to sleep, the door woke him up for the last time. She'd HAD it! She ripped off her sweaty gym sock, pulled out her hair elastic, and attached the sock to either knob, covering the latch. That stinky sock sat there for about a month. And although it was an eye sore, it solved her door noise problems. When her mom came over and saw the stinky sock, they both agreed there had to be another way. Sure enough there was and it's now called a Latchy Catchy!

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