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LatchOn® was designed by two stay-at-home moms who wanted a way to discreetly nurse their babies in public without having to haul around a separate nursing cover. They created latchOn® in order to make life a little easier for stylish moms, nursing on the go. They founded their company, The Button BarnTM in the fall of 2008. Introduced in February of 2009, latchOn® quickly became a nursing mother’s essential because of it’s convenience, utility, and stylish appeal. In less than a year, latchOn® is selling in stores, boutiques and gift shops throughout the west. latchOn® has received high praise from moms and media alike, and has been featured in articles, blogs and on television (see our press page.) The Button BarnTM looks forward to continued growth in 2011 and is committed to excellence in quality and service.

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