In 1996, Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi was an aspiring entrepreneur with just one problem. She didn't have a business idea. Nope, with the rise of the "dot com" era, revolutionizing how curvy women's clothing was perceived and distributed was not something she could have dreamed up. Well, that is, until she went on vacation. On vacation with her girlfriend, Kim noticed that none of her friend's clothes had any labels in them. When asked why, her friend said it was her mom who had to make everything for her as no cute clothes were available past a size 16. At this point in the story, picture Kim's face (she's a cute brunette) and then up and slightly to the left a very bright lightbulb. So armed with her lightbulb moment, Kiyonna was born. Fast forward 13 years and today, Kiyonna can be found in over 100 stores and online business accounts for over 80% of sales. In 2007, the company opened its first Flagship retail location called The Showroom in Anaheim.

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